Web 2.0 Application

Since 2000, Radix has grown and outgrown itself with the World Wide Web and is today poised as the ace of the industry for applications development.

In step with the technological advancements, Radix has now garnered laudable expertise in developing second generation customized internet applications, popularly known as Web 2.0 Apps. Radix employs technologies like Ruby on Rails, PHP with AJAX, Macromedia Flash and Flex, etc to develop rich internet applications (RIAs), community portals and social networking platforms that are rich in functionalities.

Radix ensures that its Web 2.0 applications are designed and built to match the business objectives of its clients. Being a touchstone for quality standards, Radix applications are thoroughly tested for business value and then implemented in a seamless manner.

Radix acknowledges that a memorable user experience lies at the heart of a rich and robust Web 2.0 application. Thus, we develop our solutions to increase usability and improve communication that leads to better collaboration.

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