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Edge your web development process with robust MEAN Stack Development

Create impactful web experiences with interactive web portals, immersive apps and scalable APIs by leveraging Mean Stack’s MVP architecture

Ignite Your MEAN Side

Stay ahead of your competitors with end-to-end development services to craft extremely responsive, super load-bearing web experiences and APIs backed by JavaScript framework through our MEAN Stack development services

MEAN Stack Development for Innovative Interfaces

MEAN Development is backed by the powerful JavaScript framework and is the most preferred choice for programming

Advanced Web Development

The MEAN framework leverages JavaScript for all its tiers making web development faster, scalable and more value-driven.

Cloud-native Interfaces

MongoDb in MEAN has built-in features to host a variety of web apps on the cloud space and guarantees no downtime.

Optimized Flexibility

MEAN stack has extremely agile components and features that renders the JavaScript framework the compliance to build a huge range of web apps.

Code Inoperability

The MEAN Stack allows the developers to reuse JavaScript codes and makes them interoperable with different development ecosystems.

Open Source Framework

MEAN is free, thus the full stack development can use repositories and public libraries available online to resolve issues.

Extreme Reusability

Node.js in MEAN renders testability, ease of maintenance and reusability owing to its non-blocking architecture which benefits the development.

Ease of Sharing

The Node Package Manager (Node.js and npm) is extremely flexible and makes the process of code sharing between several frameworks extremely easy.

Single-page Applications

AngularJS frameworks through MEAN make developing single-page apps easy to develop, test and maintain.

Hire experienced MEAN Stack Developers to build top-notch, high-performing apps

Why Hire Radixweb’s MEAN Stack Development Services

Having 20 years of first-hand experience in providing IT solutions, our clients bank on our competencies and transparent dealings towards delivering them targeted business solutions

Absolute Transparency
and NDA

We believe in maintaining absolute transparency in our projects and sign NDAs to make our working environment more secure. Your ideas are safe.

Experienced MEAN

We carefully assign a cherry-picked team to suit your project requirements. All our developers have experience across several industry verticals.

No-obligation and Free

Discuss your project requirements with us and we will take a working day to give you our final quote. You will be under no-obligation to sign a deal.

We provide a single point-of-contact Project Manager to address complex project management and task allocation issues with ease and optimize resources.

Updates and Reporting

We have a robust system to keep you updated about the slightest of developments. We use emails, Skype and calls for round-the-clock connectivity.

Super Flexi Collaboration

You can choose from our range of collaboration models to suit your business needs and timelines. Our experts will guide you with the best module.

Best Practices For MEAN Stack Apps

The adoption rate for MEAN Stack is growing with the adoption of its underlying technologies. We integrate a couple of best industry practices while implementing MEAN Stack powered apps:

Database Development

We use Mongo Atlas for basic database. It’s host of features that enable ‘Always On’ and Fully Elastic and Automated database engine served as DBaaS. For Data Documentation, we depend on Mongo Compass to easily explore and manipulate data.

Debugging / Error Handling

We aim to create a collaborative development ecosystem and use the inherent debugging of ExpertJs for information on routes being executed and performance metrics. We use promise-based routing and global error handler as a middleware to centralize logic.

Performance Mechanism

We use compression in product deployment and use NODE_ENV for production stage. To build a high load bearing capacity, we enable ‘high-availability’ and always use a process manager to ensure that the app is always running. For high need of catching, we use ngins.

Amplifying Security

We keep our package.json updated with the latest version of dependency and secure apps with at least TLS1.2. We strongly implement expiry and renewal of token if used and enforce token blacklisting. We do not do hard coding of any URI and credentials.

Use of UI Framework

The goal of Angular is to encapsulate all the required functions under one umbrella. We work with Angular Material, Zurb Foundation and Semantic UI frameworks. We use OOTB features supplied by Angular and keep dependencies to a minimum.

Asynchronous Features

We highly recommend and use asynchronous features to follow the underlying principle of the architecture and speed up the application. We design our own flow to adapt to these async features and ensure rich performance of the application.

Server Side Rendering

For specific use cases, when we want the first load time to be faster, we use SSR (Server Side Rendering) which helps us overcome several hurdles. Our developers highly recommend and use Nestjs to build extremely efficient, reliable and scalable server side apps.

Cluster Module

In the Node.js Development process, we use the ‘cluster module’ to enable high availability from ground up for apps powered by Node.js. This gives our developers a control over the framework which is better than what open source libraries generally provide.

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