Radixweb - 21 Years of Continuous Innovation
Radixweb - 21 Years of Continuous Innovation
Radixweb - 21 Years of Continuous Innovation

AngularJS Development

Build high-performance MVC capable dynamic applications

Develop scalable and secure applications with exquisite front-end design and robust capabilities of handling client-side Java Scripting

Create Efficient, Data Driven Applications

Enable seamless integration of existing technology and operation architectures to create elegant and robust applications with AngularJS framework

Bespoke AngularJS Development

Mobilize custom and highly affordable Angular development resulting in simplistic solutions incorporating all complexities of your business requirements. Build applications with enhanced UX and agile development cycles catering to your user.

Build applications with unmatched capabilities and engagement qualities of advanced user-friendly functions and flawless features.

Leverage all the embedded features of AngularJS development to meet and exceed development workflows and feature needs.

  • Binding
  • MVC
  • Scope
  • Routing
  • Deep Linking
Affordable AngularJS Development

Hire Expert AngularJS Developer

Deploy highly acclaimed AngularJS experts and apply dynamic design and development methodologies with a transparent, cooperative and client-centric approach to deliver reliable, high-quality enterprise solutions.

Hire AngularJS Developer

Leverage Avant-garde AngularJS Services

Bring in the very best possible solutions to fulfil your evolving business needs. Scale up quality and technology assets with hyper-relevant and unique capabilities of AngularJS for your enterprise goals

AngularJS Custom

Build feature-rich and highly customizable applications and websites bespoke to your specific enterprise needs with easy customizations in AngularJS.

AngularJs Frontend

Create interactive and responsive front-ends for your mobile applications and websites with the high mobility and agility that AngularJS offers to developers.

AngularJS Mobile App

Utilize seamless React Native and MongoDB integrations in that makes AngularJS a highly proficient framework with high functionalities and user engagement.

AngularJS web

Evoke powerful MVC architecture that strengthens website back-ends and provides agility to developers in creating responsive, feature-rich and engaging websites.

Hybrid Mobile App

Combine elegant design and sophisticated software functionality and features to build highly feature-rich and engaging iPhone Apps with AngularJS.

Single Page Application
(SPA) Development

Direct the varied capabilities of AngularJS as a structured and dynamic tool that enables developers to engineer clear, reliable and flexible code in SPA development.

AngularJs Developer Tools We Use

  • Karma
  • Protractor
  • Jasmine
  • Djangular
  • Ment.io
  • Angular Kickstart
  • AngularFire
  • Mocha,JS
  • SublimeText
  • Restangular
  • Generator Angular
  • NG-Inspector
  • Angular Seed
  • Code Orchestra
  • Videogular
  • Webstorm
  • Angular Deckgrid
  • AngularJS UI
  • Djangular
  • Mean
Why AngularJS for your Application Development

An advanced client side MVC framework that simplifies application development and provides flexibility to developers while coding, Angular is by-far the strongest and most versatile Javascript framework today


A unique and powerful feature available in AngularJS, Directives allow developers to invent new application specific HTML syntax allowing for rapid development and developer collaboration.

Reusable Components

Directives can be used to create reusable components that allow developers to hide complex DOM structure, CSS, and behaviour letting the focus shift to application functionality.


The aware locale filters sported by Angular JS and it’s stemming directives provide developers with the essential blocks to make the application available. This subsequently increases efficiency.

Deep Linking

It would be great if a user could bookmark and email links to a location inside the App. With Angular JS combines the above with desktop-like behavior displaying user locations within the App.

Form Validation

User experience is greatly enhanced by client-side form validation. With Angular JS, you can declare validation rules without having to code. Write less code, get success faster.

Server Communication

Enlist the dual advantage of built in-services over XHR and multiple other back-end systems with the help of third-party libraries capable of handling asynchronous return of data.


The dependency injections supported by Angular JS allow declarative descriptions of how the application has been wired. This completely eliminates the need for mean methods.


Fitted with mocks, a focus on encouraging behavior-view separation, and an end-to-end scenario runner, Angular JS removes test flakiness by being testable and allowing for easy issue resolution.

Accelerate with Angular Development

Code Splitting

Enable component routers that aid impeccable loading speeds and quick resolutions of view requests by loading only the desired code.

Code Generation

Compile templates into highly optimized and rapidly generated code enabling the capacity of the application in dealing with immense data sizes.


Aquire AngularJS for rapid creation of features supporting advanced and declarative templates that can be extended for further construction.


Accelerate the implementation process with Command-line tools that help in rapid deployment cycle, implementations, and venture testing.

Angular CLI

Speed up your deployment with command line tools. Leverage the benefits of pre-configured cli and skip installation hassles.

Multiple Platforms

Direct single codes to be implied for both web and mobile apps as well as native desktop and native mobile apps without having to re-engineer.

Progressive Web Apps

Develop dynamic, easy-to-install apps that sport minimal loading times with high-performance angular app development.

Desktop Apps

Mobilize obstruction-free development of desktop-based solutions functional across operating systems like Linux, Mac, Windows etc.

The Radixweb Edge
  • Agile and dynamic methodologies for developing AngularJS Designs
  • Award-Wining development professionals providing the best solutions
  • 20+ years of expertise in implementing latest technologies
  • 450+ cross-functional experts ready to be deployed
  • Transparent, co-operative, consultative approach
  • Informational assistance for enterprise development
  • Consistent high-quality solutions with 100% customer satisfaction
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