Radixweb - 21 Years of Continuous Innovation
Radixweb - 21 Years of Continuous Innovation
Radixweb - 21 Years of Continuous Innovation

Offshore Development Center (ODC)

Top-notch software solution with remote developers

Experience the knowledge of our vast pool of dedicated developers who are equipped with the latest and greatest technologies and in-depth understandings about the modern software

Top-notch Offshore development services

Leverage the perfect blend of innovation, technology and skill to extend your company’s capacity. Radixweb offers reliable and tailored Offshore development services for your business with end-to-end consulting and solutions

Offshore IT Team

Providing offshore dedicated team skilled at managing your software product through a series of releases, multi-level support and maintenance. Offering functionality enhancement in-line with your long-term product development planning.

Full-time Dedicated Teams

Building professional full-time dedicated software development teams that are adept at handling unique needs of your IT project. Leverage ready-to-use infrastructure and skills along with the flexibility to change priorities, troubleshoot and intimate change.

On-Demand Team Augmentation

Delivering on-demand team augmentation to satisfy your ad hoc need of domain-specific expertise or extra resources. Empowering with your established process, in-house IT team, methodologies and processes.

What is ODC?

Lower your development costs and improve software quality at the same time by partnering with a robust Offshore Development Company.

An extended and integrated offshore development team supporting your software development process from a different location-an offshore team includes programming engineers, designers, UIUX specialists, copywriters, testers, project managers etc. Right from development to software maintenance, testing and migration to project management and IT support – Offshore Development Centers handle everything.

Focus on core competencies, reduce time-to-market, overcome infrastructure limitations and reduce operational costs apart from availing specialized skills with our robust ODC services.

What is ODC?

Key Benefits of Setting up an ODC

Get the best of both world with trailblazing speed, low risk proposition and optimized productivity. Ensure low turn around time for your software projects and leave all your development concerns to our team, adept at handling global clientele

Exercise Control

Our robust Project Management structure assigns a one-point contact as soon as we begin working on your projects. We also use several project management tools so that you have adequate control over the workings of the offshore team as much as your in-house team.

No Hiring Woes

Leverage the talent of extremely experienced developers without the hassle of going through a cumbersome process of interviews and hiring. Avoid dealing with issues like candidate drop-outs and interview arrangements; engage with best-in-class talents for developing your desired software solution.

Save Expenses

Cut down heavily on infrastructural expenses and utilities. An offshore team uses its own hardware, software and data connectivity. When you hire ODC services purely on the basis of hiring models, you end up saving a lot of overhead expenses that you would have otherwise incurred on in-house teams.

Access to Expertise

Augment your project team expertise by engaging with specialists from our range of experts who are trained to develop bespoke software solutions and plug-ins for a wide variety of clients across several industry niche. Our developers bear the same accountability as your in-house staff.

Secure Measures

Protect sensitive data from the prospect of leaking. Entrust your confidential projects with a trusted ODC to prevent any data breach. As a trusted Offshore Software Development Centre for years, we sign a no-question-asked NDA to protect your intellectual properties.

Extreme Scalability

Foresee all aspects of resource manage, scale up and downsize your resource requirement as per project needs, shift roles and optimize productivity. Offshore Development Services allow you to hire specialized resources on pro-data basis so that you are able to save on development expenses.

Offshore Development Center at Radixweb

With the commitment to be a valuable extension to client’s business, Radixweb offers access to ready-to-use infrastructure, technology skillset and established ODC offshore development center – taking full responsibility for the delivered solution.

Rightsize Offshore development team
Tailored to Each Client’s Needs

Full-stack expertise in leading technologies along with strong domain knowledge to handle even the most complex IT needs allow us to offer rightsize software development team such as project managers, architects, software programmers, creative designers and QA team to suit your unique Industry, business goals, IT needs and capabilities improving the bottom line.

ODC Team for Tailored Solutions
Process Orientation

Radixweb has evolved process-oriented development methodology to reduce project risk and development time. Implementing time-tested development process and methodology for SDLC – requirements gathering, design, development, testing, maintenance and support. Focusing on ensuring to deliver high-quality cost-effective tailored solutions which ensure minimum time-to-market and lower total cost of ownership.

Offshore Development to Reduce Cost
Communication is the Key

With the time-proven practices and experiences, we have mastered the communication and cultural differences making smooth intricacies in a project. Providing a superior level of transparency into project progress and status, so you can be well informed what to expect when. Being an experienced offshore development company we’re highly responsive and accessible to your project needs combining frequent ad-hoc conversations followed by regularly scheduled communication via phone or online.

Launch Your ODC with Ease – A Checklist

Setting an Offshore Development Centre will cost you a considerable amount of time, money and effort. So, to ensure that you receive desired results, we indulge in the best practices:

Accountability Quotient

As a leading ODC company, we value transparency over everything and invest in a robust report management system. Our Project Managers facilitate tracking the progress of your software project through reporting tools without any glitch.

Time Zone Management

Our teams ensure that you have round-the clock IT support through overlap in timings. Engaging with an ODC is beneficial because you can address issues beyond your regular work hours, our experts extend support even at the end of your work day.

Timely Project Delivery

We strictly adhere to project development timelines and goals set up by you during the project planning stage. From planning, to development, testing and deployment – everything is iteratively done as per schedule.

Risk Management

As a part of our core business, we are adept at calculating risks better for your software projects. Our standard procedure is to take calculated risks on the basis of mutual responsibilities so that both parties are on same page.

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