Desktop Application

Since 2000, Radix has been leveraging the best in technology to develop robust and scalable desktop applications that can spiff up your business processes. Our simple-to-use and easy-to-access desktop applications are designed and developed to accommodate the evolving needs of today’s highly dynamic business environments.

Radix effectively deploys its immense industry experience and commendable technical expertise to develop applications that eliminate complexity from your processes, automate business critical tasks and streamline the entire business cycle. Our desktop applications are aligned to your IT operations and your business objectives.

Radix’s desktop applications are developed using technologies like Visual Basic, .NET, C#, C++, Java etc and are intently focused on delivering business value. A Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, Radix’s desktop applications feature a bouquet of offline capabilities and a rich integration with other applications. Besides being low maintenance, Radix applications allow for enhancements and upgrades with minimum effort.

Radix justifies its multifarious nature by developing desktop applications that span across different industry verticals and serve big and small enterprises alike.

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