Application Re-Engineering

With the old strategies, it becomes a challenge to attain new business heights. Similarly, web solutions such as applications, systems, solutions and products developed in outdated technologies cannot help in addressing varying business needs. To seize online business opportunities, Radix updates your legacy applications in terms of design as well as development.

Our application re-engineering amends performance of existing web solutions to make them more business efficient. We reenergize them with cutting-edge re-development by using advanced features, functionalities, UX design, architecture, technology, language, framework, platform etc. Earn potential customer base by re-developing more stable, flexible, user friendly, robust, and dynamic web solutions with Radix. Using re-engineering, we can recreate applications for web and mobile platforms.

Application/product re-engineering offers:

  • Highly scalable application with better performance
  • Excellent user experience
  • Improved portability
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Large scale user base management
  • Best utilization of system and staff
  • Dynamic business needs fulfillment
  • Streamlined, integrated and atomized business processes
  • Better business operations

Radix follows a standardize practice for re-engineering of product or application. We offer reverse engineering, forward engineering, restructuring, redocumentation and translation of web solutions too. Have a secure and powerful recreation of application/product with our re-engineering service.

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