Resource Hiring

Since 2000, Radix has enjoyed a successful presence in the IT outsourcing realm vaunting some of the best customer retention rates. Our clients view us as a stable business partner offering flexibility in choosing a business model that best suits their needs. We offer following engagement models to our clients to enable them to make the most out of our partnership:

Time & Material Pricing: We offer this model to those projects where it is difficult to predict the scope of efforts at the onset. In such cases the project specifications keep changing on an ongoing basis.

Fixed Price Turnkey: This model is best suited for projects where the scope and specifications are pretty clear. A low risk option, this model involves thorough analysis of the project requirements at the very beginning and establishing fixed parameters.

Retainership Model: This model operates as an extension of your business reserving infrastructure and resources for a predefined timeframe. The recruitment conditions and process control of this model make shift overlapping and round-the-clock programming a feasible activity.

Radix believes outsourcing is more about building relationships than merely delivering cost advantage. Our longstanding association with our clients substantiates our philosophy and practices.

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