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Software Maintenance and Support

Stay light years ahead with simplistic software maintenance services

Enhance your business productivity by infusing flexibility, scalability, and rapid realization of ROI with intuitive and bespoke software application maintenance services

Software Maintenance and Support Services

Build stable applications that run with 100% efficiency while enhancing the functionality and customer acceptance of your software with omniscient software app maintenance

Secure and Stable App
Secure and Stable App

Discover end-to-end application maintenance and support service models designed to cater to your business concerns with 24/7/365 availability and highly secure access procedures.

Minimal Downtime
Minimal Downtime

Acquire vetted industry concepts of adaptive, corrective, preventive, and perfective app maintenance. Ensure minimal downtime with your applications up and running effectively.

High Performanct
High Performance

Now access deep evaluation of your software’s performance alongside bespoke tuning of applications to align it with your business with powerful tools and vetted experience.

Customizable Features
Feature Customization

Deploy industry veterans to conduct deep analyses of your enterprise while remaining aligned to your niche and vertical for hyper-targeted customizations and upgrades.

Acquire Curated Expertise with a Leading Software Maintenance Company

Choose the maintenance strategy that fits your business requirements best and effectively resolve issues and bugs while bridging gaps in your IT ecosystem; facilitate massive yet sustainable growth for your enterprise app

Adaptive Software Maintenance

When your software environment undergoes significant changes, deploy our maintenance experts to fine-tune your application to continue to perform optimally in alignment with the altered conditions while maintaining stability and utility.

Perfective Software Maintenance

Augment your enterprise application to boost performance levels while ramping up its operational life. Access transformative functionalities for market-leading usability while uprooting performance-stalling issues to ensure efficiency.

Corrective Software Maintenance

Now deploy maintenance teams with hands-on expertise in detecting and fixing bugs while removing glitches to eliminate instances that reduce the quality of your UX. Conduct corrective repairs in SOS situations as well as a maintenance practice.

Preventive Software Maintenance

Now have your software re-engineered to future-proof it in the ever-evolving IT landscape. Effectively enhance existing operational characteristics while building in relevant features and functionalities and weeding out obsolete elements.

Challenges of Software Application Support

When it comes to effective Support and Maintenance of Software Applications, as an enterprise you might face the following challenges:

  • Failure to craft solutions that reduce support costs to reduce total cost ownership in the longer run
  • Lack of bespoke features in software solutions to graph the demands of changing business scenarios
  • Continued usage of old mainframes for maintaining legacy apps leading to glitches
  • Unavailability of talents to develop apps with both modern and legacy platforms
  • Poor code quality and non-compliance with development standards
Support and Maintenance of Software Applications

Acclaimed Software Maintenance Services

Keep your software healthy with simplified software maintenance services from Radixweb. Chart out consistent growth with accurate planning, impacting customers and preventing roadblocks

Software Maintenance and Support Service – Our Offerings

As a leading Software Maintenance and Support Company, we provide expert support and a wide array of maintenance services for your enterprise product:

Modification and Reconfiguration

We look into your existing software and carry out necessary modifications essential to the operating functions. We make alterations in the data format, support utility modifications, reconfigure hardware, regulate and integrate new OS.

Bug and Glitch Removal

Radixweb’s Software Support Team fixes software errors in your enterprise app without any time lapse. Our corrective services include eradication of bugs, setting glitches with the core algorithm – logical, coding and design errors.

Enhancements and Insertions

We conduct continuous and rigorous modifications for your enterprise software before its launch. Our support services help you refine your software through editing, modifications, software enhancements, insertions, deletions and changes.

Detailed Analysis for Future-Proofing

Our support team is capable at analyzing the future needs of your business and probable concerns based on customer’s feedback and past occurrences. We aim at planning and incorporating solutions to meet future requirements.

Software Application Maintenance – Our Approach

We base our software solutions and maintenance measures according to challenges specific to your business niche and base our solutions accordingly:

Requirement Collection

Our teams start with acquiring the documentation and process details of your development initiative. This assists in achieving clarity in terms of maintenance objectives.

Program Analysis

Resting on detailed knowledge sharing and analytics for enterprise applications to effectively understand each cog of the application to streamline your software.

Maintenance Proposal

Rely on our acclaimed maintenance teams to devise a hyper-aligned maintenance strategy with a duly detailed maintenance proposal for your scrutiny and approval.

Infrastructural Stability Evaluation

Deploy software maintenance teams to analyze the extensibility and scalability of your IT infrastructure for a deep understanding of your processes and utilities.


Rest assured of rigorous testing procedures upon the implementation of your maintenance protocol to ensure the stability of your software maintenance efforts.

Release and Reporting

Leverage teams with curated expertise in compiling responses and actions into legible reports for record keeping and as a reference for future maintenance.

Our On-Demand Support Services

We constantly strive to combine best-in-class app maintenance solutions and drive optimal functions of your business apps to ensure seamless delivery. From bug issues to task tracking, here are our on-demand services:

OS and Server Migration

Our developers review your IT business strategy, on-payroll resources, technology, and other aspects of IT transformation. We review your existing apps and suggest you OS updates and system migration if required:

Operating System Updates

App Server Migration

Linux to Windows Migration

Third-party Maintenance

We train our team of developers and support experts in a way that we employ a variety of techniques for identifying glitches in your software and provide support services according to your requirements:

Full-stack Security and Vulnerability Support

Technology Advisory Services

Tax, Regulatory and Compliance Updates

DevOps Solutions

Automate your software delivery processes and ensure the scalability and security of large enterprises and startup infrastructures. Our DevOps maintenance system stems from building a modern culture within the enterprise:

DevOps Consulting Services

DevOps Configuration Management

DevOps Testing Services

Pre-Support Audit

Radically promote timelines and adherence to regulatory compliances with the help of robust pre-support audit services. Reduce and manage the add-ons that monumentally increase the development costs:

Performance Testing and Monitoring

Performance Tuning and Optimization

Version Upgrades and Enhancements

Why Radixweb for App Maintenance Services?

At Radixweb, we have a unique approach and above 21+ years of experience towards supporting and maintaining diverse software apps that has positioned us as a preferred application maintenance company.

  • No Contract Lock-ins
  • Motivated and Creative Teams
  • Quality/Security Adherences
  • Result-driven Approach
  • Co-Development Teams
  • In-Depth Domain Knowledge
  • Integrity and Transparency
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
Why Radixweb for App Maintenance Services?
Project Onboarding Process

Everything starts with a credible Application Maintenance and Support – that includes identifying challenges, areas of improvement and setting the chart ahead for business growth. To make your systems highly compliant, smooth project onboarding process is a must-have feature. We offer:

Quality Driven Software Support
  • Knowledge transfer from existing IT teams
  • Review and analysis of existing application
  • Deciphering key pain areas and plan actions
  • Functional testing and issue identification
Remedial Actions
  • Affixing key problem areas
  • Extensive curation of document and manuals
  • Performance tuning to increase scalability
  • Clear road map for future enhancements
Maintenance and Support
  • Scheduled automated backups
  • Helpdesk/issue management system
  • On-going support and bug-fixes
  • Regular performance and security fixes

Expert Hand for Software Maintenance

Quality Assured Release

With disciplined approach, we assure high quality of application and streamlined execution cycle.

Version Control and
Source Code Repository

By committing to error-free version control and source code repository, we ensure unparalleled services.

Unmatched Technical

Our experts have in-depth experience in catering to business needs of varied industry verticals.

Seamless Technology

With minimal impact on users, get access to project management tools, issue trackers and backups.

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