Why and When Hiring Full Stack Developers Makes Absolute Sense?

Why and When Hiring Full Stack Developers Makes Absolute Sense?

Imagine that you open a new restaurant. Now, it would have a nicely-designed seating area to attract customers. Then, there would be a storeroom and a kitchen where you would store the ingredients and prepare the food, respectively. Also, there would be people hopping between the two areas to take orders, fetch ingredients, cooking recipes, and more. What if only one person boasts of managing the entire operations singlehandedly? Sounds impractical! However, something like this happens when you consider hiring full stack developer for your new digital property.

The full stack developers are projected as the knights in shining armor with significantly growing demand across the globe. A report quotes the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting an increase of full-stack developer job availability to more than 853,000 by the year 2024. So, what’s the buzz around them? Do they fulfill all types of development needs and situations? How to decide between them and specialized developers? Let’s explore.

Developing Three Application Layers

Let’s compare the example of a restaurant with that of a website or an application to understand the role of a full stack development company. Developing any of these digital properties requires establishing three layers:

  • Front End (Client-Side): This is the part the users interact with. It decides both, how does the user interface (UI) appears, and what the user experience (UX) is going to be like? For this, you would need someone with expertise in front-end languages (like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS) and front-end frameworks (like jQuery, Bootstrap, and Angular JS).
  • Back End (Server-Side): It is the part that stores databases and where the data processing happens based on the users’ interactions with the front end. A back-end developer uses back-end languages (like PHP, Java, and Python) and back-end frameworks (like Django, Express, and Laravel) to design this part. Also, he or she has expertise in databases (like SQL and Oracle).
  • Middleware (Logic Layer): Understand it as a bridge between front-end and back-end. It conveys the front-end’s requirements to the back-end and the back-end’s responses to the front-end. The languages and frameworks to build this layer respectively include the likes of Java and C# and JSON and SOAP.

The story doesn’t end here. The development also requires experts like testers, version control system experts, web architecture experts, API experts, and so on. Does someone suggest you hire full stack developer rather than hiring so many people for your development project?

So, let us first understand who these developers are. A full-stack developer is someone who holds expertise in one full stack of technology. It means that the stack would consist of one (or more) front-end languages, one (or more) front-end frameworks, one (or more) back-end languages, one (or more) back-end frameworks, and so on. In a developers’ survey, 51.9% of the respondents identified them as full-stack developers. You can call them the jack of all trades (who are also the master of ‘one’ technology in each trade (front-end development, back-end development, and so on).

Why Are They in Demand?

A source quotes Payscale.com estimating the salary of a full-stack developer between $47,000 and $110,000. It is one of the many factors that encourage many towards this profile. Others include:

  • Better Growth: Rather than specializing in one role of the overall development process, developing expertise in many roles can indeed lead to better growth in the development field.
  • Increased Employability: Apart from working for a full stack development company, a developer taking up this profile may get hired as an independent developer by direct clients whose needs are being met precisely (that’s the answer to the topic of this write-up, more about it later).
  • Convenient Switch: Working as a full-stack developer allows the individuals to kind of experiment with their skills and roles. As they are experts in many of these roles, they can easily switch from one to another based on their preferences.

why full stack developer in demand

And, there are many facts and statistics that back the growing demand for these experts. The insights from Indeed ranked full stack developers as the second-best job profiles in 2018 after estimating the growth in the category’s job listings at 198% from 2014 to 2017. Another report from TechRepublic declared the profile as the number one position to fill in 2020 (leaving behind back-end developers and data scientists). It also mentions that nearly 38% of the hiring managers showed a willingness to hire full stack developer.

What Advantages Do They Offer?

Before you find out whether hiring full stack developer would be right in your specific situation or not, it is worth learning about the general benefits one promises. It would be a good idea to understand these benefits while comparing these developers with a team of specialized developers.

1. Extensive Knowledge: A developer who plays different roles in the development cycle would obviously have comprehensive knowledge about every aspect of developing an application. It might mean that the developer you hire may agree to be end-to-end accountable for the success of the project. On the other hand, it might not be easy to rely on a team of developers, each having a different level of knowledge and experience.

2. Handling Issues: Again, based on his or her experience to handle different stages of project development, a full-stack developer may come out to be a better and quick problem solver. In contrast to it, solving an issue might not appear to be as smooth with a team having specialists with conflicting views and ideas about handling the surfacing issues.

3. Customized Outputs: When you hire dedicated developers with full-stack development experience, you can expect a more customized solution delivered to you. You can easily communicate your needs to one individual while there can be communication issues when working with an entire team.

Advantage of hiring full stack developer

4. Better Project Delivery: With one person responsible for both front-end and back-end development, you can expect the project to be delivered faster and with better quality than expected. In other words, the client experiences a boost in the overall productivity, which saves him or her a lot of time and allows faster time-to-market.

5. Cost Saving: As the project is delivered faster, the development cost reduces. Moreover, the client would pay only to hire full stack developer and not the entire team of specialist developers.

When to Hire Full Stack Development Services?

After this elaborated overview of who a full stack developer is and what advantages you can expect from him or her, let’s answer the main question. It is interesting to note that even with so many benefits, hiring full stack developer might not be the right choice for you. You need to evaluate your specific needs and compare both full-stack developers and specialized developers to conclude which would be the better option. Find out more about it:

  • Do You Own a Start-up? If yes, opting for full-stack developers might work in your favor. Why? You might not be precise about what type of application you need at the very beginning, and thus, you would prefer to make the minimum investment in its development. In such a situation, a full stack development expert might easily fit your requirements at the experimental stage.
  • Do You Need to Build a Prototype? Whether you own a startup or a small to medium-size business, it always makes sense to develop a minimum viable project (MVP) rather than starting to build a full-fledged application. By doing so, you would be able to add value to the project progressively while eliminating the loopholes. For prototype-building, a full-stack developer should be the right choice in terms of costs and faster delivery.
  • What’s the Overall Project Size? A small application that is aimed to cater to a small audience size of a few thousand can be developed with the help of a full stack development company. It is possible for an experienced developer in this category to bear the entire load of the project and come out with the desired solution on time. However, if your application is meant for millions or it aims to serve critical business operations, go for a team of specialists.
  • How Complex Is the Project in Terms of Functionality? The full stack developers are good at handling projects with simple functionalities. However, if the level of functionalities increases, it might not be in their scope to deliver the right solution. Still, you may consider the specific experiences of these developers. You might come across a developer who has handled complex projects in the past.
  • Do You Anticipate Requirement Changes? It may happen when you are unclear about the project requirements at the start of it. When working with a team of specialized developers, it might not be that easy to communicate your requirement changes in the middle of a development stage. In this regard, those offering full stack development services are more flexible in making such adjustments.
  • Is Budget an Issue? Not every business can allocate a fortune towards application development, in a bid to save costs wherever possible, choosing full-stack developers is indeed a solution for you. In general, the costs of hiring one front-end developer and one back-end developer might be almost 40% higher than hiring a single developer with expertise in both the areas. However, it is important that you never compromise with quality and choose the best developers offering these services.

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  • Do You Lack a Project Supervisor? There might be a situation when a business owner has a technical team for in-house project development but lacks a technical supervisor to head the process. The project managers are expected to be highly experienced in supervising the development process. At the same time, hiring them may prove as extremely expensive for a business. The middle road is to hire full stack developer who may prove to be an excellent manager without adding significantly to the costs.
  • Do You Need an App Development Partner? There are situations when a business owner already has a precise idea of what kind of application he or she wants to develop. However, he or she lacks the technical know-how to accomplish it. Also, the budget for carrying out the development is tight. In such a case, a full stack developer can be hired as a development partner to keep a check on the budgets and get an expert person as a development partner.

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Hopefully, you can now make the right choice whether to choose a full stack developer or not. Radixweb is a full stack development company, and we follow a good assessment procedure and can help you hire a full stack developer who is the right fit for the project. You can count on our experience in evaluating expert developers for their technical prowess. You will be surprised to see how easily you can communicate with them, and their enthusiasm towards fresh ideas will definitely set the right tone for the project.

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