A take on Software Development Methods

A Take On Software Development Methods

Software development Methods…. there had and will be many different software development methods.

Well, that is neither a conclusion nor a statement… we just have used so many different types of software development methods, over a period of 10 years that we had to start looking at the source and identify, track down every change in event of management processes.

My personal favorite source has been IEEE, which of-course acts as a guideline for the rest of the world and provides all kinds of standards in Electronic driven businesses. Then there is the MSF, yhea, the Microsoft Standard Framework which supports variations of software development methods.

Much of our team hiring that works under ODC – Offshore Dedicated Center model happens to be adopting and following the same concepts as is propagated using MSF for Agile Software Development – v4.2;

We discovered somewhere in the middle (i.e. almost half a decade back), that we need to find unique ways to implement very effective methods of management that allows us to deliver sound quality.

A huge challenge we face as an outsourcing company based out of India to track and management customer requirements, do sound scope creep control during execution. This challenge becomes increasingly higher while dealing with customers who are more of visionaries than practical subject matter experts.

Not that their expectations cannot be met, a simple troubles, their visions do not come with a well defined specification and if direct development is engaged using either SCRUM or AGILE, even Iterative development we end having too many change request to keep either of us happy on the long run.

Thus, we explored further avenues and by introducing a system of “Prototyping” and Rapid Application Development tools, we pretty did give shape to those visions and also were able to cut down lot of aspects in terms of:

a. Cost and time needed to provide a concrete picture
b. Determine feasibility and full functional specification, finalize the development tasks in less than 12-15% of the net project budget

When the above got combined together and became a process of delivery, even while following AGILE, the results were simply to be considered as “very happy customer” base.

All in all, there is no fool proof method, we just have to keep adopting… as technology evolves, our customers are always free to follow through on their visions without having to compromise anything and everything that exists in their dreams.

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Maitray Gadhavi is a senior business development manager with Radixweb who accelerates the growth of organizations through innovation-led custom software development. Balancing the long-term gains in an evolving industry, he brings the voice of the customers into the enterprise. Binge-watching favourite series is his idea of fun after work.