MS AZURE Development

MS Azure, also popular as Windows Azure, is a flexible and dynamic cloud computing platform developed by Microsoft. Develop and deploy applications in secure cloud environment across a global network of Microsoft managed data centers. Radix evolves applications for various devices using different frameworks, tools and technologies. We can develop bespoke solutions for small to large scale organizations.

The MS Azure platform holds services of MS Azure, SQL Azure and AppFabric. We utilize Azure for massive applications development that are hosted and run on Microsoft’s data centre. We offer advanced business solution development using multiple languages such as VB, C#, VB.Net and .Net. Moreover, MS Azure platform permits to migrate enterprise solution, application and infrastructure without changing existing code.

SQL Azure is a cloud based relational database services offered by Microsoft. It is an extension of SQL server with extra capabilities. We can host your database or application on SQL Azure to deliver high availability, rich reporting experience, quick scalability and extreme manageability to you. AppFabric, Windows server, allows to deploy, manage and monitor on-premises applications in cloud focusing on performance improvement. We work with both AppFabric hosting as well as AppFabric caching services.

At Radix, using all services of MS Azure platform, we deliver benefits of cost reduction, productivity enhancement, quick and easy application rollout, pay-per-use payment approach, powerful backup for disaster recovery, security patches, flexibility and interoperability.

We build up new product or application or solution at MS Azure. Our experts can integrate and extend existing on-premise business solutions by utilizing MS Azure. Besides development, we commit for maintenance and consistent support services on client demand. Radix can develop, host and manage your application on MS Azure platform that helps you in focusing and achieving business objectives.