Insurance Policy Administration

Staying true to its commitment to serving the insurance industry, Radix has rolled out an online insurance policy administration solution that fully automates and integrates policy processing for personal and commercial insurance carriers. The solution offers scalable, reliable and cost-effective business management functionalities to carry out business critical insurance process functions.

Radix’s in-depth understanding of the insurance business segment is reflected in this web-based insurance management system that resolves the longstanding industry issue of time-to-market. Touching upon all segments of the insurance process, the solution dramatically reduces cost of policy ownership services.

With a detailed conceptual framework for insurance tracking, processing flows and other assets enabling in-depth analysis of both, life and non-life sector, the solution has set a new benchmark in the insurance technology outsourcing realm. However, an absolute kicker is the integrated customization capacity that enables you to address specific needs and generate revenue.

Laced with disparate modules, the solution offers compliance, speed-to-market and web enablement accompanied by business process flexibility. Ranging from policy management, claims management, agent management to endorsement management, the solution has you covered from all the corners.

The solution is a focused and supported approach from Radix that helps you offer secure future at affordable rates.

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