Top Software Outsourcing Myths to Leave Behind in 2019

Top Outsourcing Myths

Think twice before you outsource.

You have to compromise on the quality front with outsourcing.

You insane or what? Outsourcing will escalate security risks through the roofs!

Aren’t we all privy to these arguments by our peers and thereby took a whole detour fearing the unseen risks and the unknown drawbacks in software development outsourcing? But whilst you were side-lining the merits based on unmerited reasoning, your competitor expanded and flourished beyond measure!

So, what are you contemplating? You presume to know all there is to know about outsourcing, but do you? Most of it would be a myth or a fact less tech rumour that you’ve picked up from unreliable sources. Yes, that’s the reality.

Still, muddled in confusion? Let’s burst the bubble of some of the widely circulated and top 10 myths about Software Outsourcing and leave behind these hurdles.

Myth #01 – Compromising on Quality

Cheaper means degrade in quality. Or is it? That’s quite far-fetched. In outsourcing, you cannot compare quality and price together as it varies from country to country, and region to region. It solely depends on the value of the currency of a particular region. If you have chosen the right person for the job, a software product might be even better, regardless of the region you outsourced.

Outsourcing IT related works enables you to get superior end-product with unmatched quality in lesser bucks. You only need to ensure that the right person with significant experience and expertise is lapping up the project.

Myth #02 – Outsourcing Leads to Productivity Crisis

Most businesses consider human resources as inefficient if they’re not working in their office space or working remotely. But the recent survey by Deloitte reveals striking results which are just the opposite of the age-old belief. The survey shows that 57% reported a prominent hike in productivity and improved efficiency of the company via outsourcing.

Since it’s statistically proven now, therefore software development outsourcing will deliver higher returns in a lesser investment making it a world-wide trend in 2020.

Myth #03 – What If Remote Employees Go Untraceable

What if an employee from your office desk goes missing for weeks without informing? You can’t do anything except take some strict actions. Coming to remote agencies or employees, trust only the reputed ones and decide the hours of working before the initialization of the project. According to the Deloitte survey, around 52% of the workers connect at least twice a week to their manager, while 34% contact regularly on a weekly basis.

According to the Deloitte survey, around 52% of the workers connect at least twice a week to their manager, while 34% contact regularly on a weekly basis. Click To Tweet

Network issues can be there, anywhere, anytime. But you can go for chat platforms and keep a track of the project at any point of time. And if you think that your communication will suffer due to the distance, don’t forget, we live in a digital era. So, we don’t need physical presence to communicate with a person anymore. Besides, several tools are available to keep the communication smooth and business collaboration, stress-free and satisfactory.

Quality Compromise

Myth #04 – Threat to Privacy and Security

The threat is not limited to outsourcing. There might be a threat within. You never know. While when it comes to outsourcing, the companies are even more vigilant about your data, because they need to protect their reputation in the industry.

Any data loss may end up their journey as a firm forever. So, if you’re outsourcing software development projects and sharing crucial data of your client, do check the safety standards and sign an NDA, before you proceed. Hire an IT security expert just to be in a safer zone.

Myth #05 – Small Businesses Can’t Outsource

Size doesn’t matter. Whether you’re an old player or a start-up, you can always outsource IT related projects and focus on other things in a better way. The fact is that a majority of clientele who outsource are either small or medium-sized businesses, who have the potential to grow and need long term collaboration.

According to the Clutch research, around 37% of small business ventures outsource at least some of their tasks at some point. Click To Tweet

With outsourcing, small business gets an additional advantage of a quicker start, greater efficiency, and better quality, while managing the expenditures and administering other pertinent matters at hand.

Myth #06 – Losing Control Over the Business

This is a silent fear in almost every software outsourcing company. Companies believe that outsourcing will make it tough enough to manage the most mundane of tasks and the overall project, finally leading to great losses. But the facts are far from fiction. Statistics show that most of the IT Outsourcing Companies are actually great and deal brilliantly, or sometimes even better than the former. Technological advancements made it more viable and the client can always examine the current status and take part in every step. So, don’t just blindly follow the words that have come to you, but you can always experiment and find the best-suited outsourcing model for yourself.

Myth #07 – Cultural Difference is a Barrier

We can’t be learning a different language every time. But words are strictly needed, so yes, language is a concern for any software outsourcing company. However, if you have designed a set of guidelines or SOP (standard of procedures) to work accordingly, and both the client and the outsourcing company strictly follow it, things get much simpler and manageable.

On the other hand, a company involved in software development outsourcing will be versed well in the English language and must have a sufficient amount of experience in dealing with foreign clients. So, you will always be on the winning side, as the companies already had a clear understanding of cultural differences and know how to take things smoothly.

Always consider the culture you’re going to collaborate in the future. Indians, South Asians, and Middle Eastern are known for their rich culture and ethics. They never surprise you, because they value their reputation and respect their peers the most. Setting lifelong relations is a part of these cultures and they are always on their toes to make it happen.

Top Outsourcing MYTHS

Myth #08 – Working in a Different Time Zone is Tricky

You can count it as a problem because globally there are a total of 24 standard time zones. So, there’s a higher chance that you might experience a time difference of mostly 8 to 24 hours. Tiring and tedious right? So, how are your competitors managing their time slots? Well, they opt for a much simpler frame, where overlap hours are set.

These are the hours of work where both the parties are comfortable to work with and available for the task. Always decide the hours beforehand. The software development outsourcing is on an all-time high and no time zone could affect it so far. Because, the key to solutions is already there, you just need to make your mind and take a step ahead.

Myth #09 – Outsourcing Requires More Budget

Most of us will agree that hiring the inhouse team will be a more inexpensive option and probably the most productive. Isn’t it? so let’s count the costs and then decide. The hiring comes with various expenses involving, training costs, salary, infrastructure costs, and more, along with the everyday hassle of managing the human resources round the clock.

On the contrary, an IT Outsourcing Company has all the required resources at their place and the client needs to pay just for the task to the company and not for any other expenses. This makes it an affordable decision with up to 30% saving on the overall cost and of course a hassle-free choice.

Myth #10 – Outsourcing is a time consuming process

Far from being a time consuming endeavour outsourcing rather saves your firm’s precious time which you can invest in processing other significant aspects of your business thereby utilizing your time more productively and effectively without having to worry about the rest.

Choosing Versatile Software Development Partner is the Ultimate Key

The chances of propelling to greater heights and survive in an ever-challenging market gets much unfeigned, convenient and smooth with outsourcing. Now, are you going to outsource? Gather all your questions and requirements and talk to our specialists to find out how outsourcing can make you accomplish your business goals in less time within budget.

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