3 Untold Truths of Software Development Outsourcing

3 Untold Truths Of Software Development Outsourcing

How many times have you outsourced software development activity and got disappointed due to the services you received?

Business owners and project managers are proactive in supporting software development outsourcing since they can find an enormous number of talented software development companies that can provide unparalleled assistance to them.

That said, the decision-makers of the companies also have a great responsibility on their shoulders to ensure that the project is not assigned to a random company that ends up blowing the whole process.

At times, you may not experience guaranteed results due to various reasons — the company doesn’t have right skills, cannot commit to timelines, or becomes too expensive to match with the budget of the client company.

There could be so many things that could go wrong for software development outsourcing. However, if done correctly, it could bring excellent results for the company and revolutionize the services and scale the growth off the charts.

Stated below are crucial three software development outsourcing strategies that have helped us build the best possible versions of the software over time.

Have a Thorough Internal Discussion About Software

After the software is assigned and almost completed, clients sometimes ask to make a few changes or scale the project from scratch.

For example, a company outsources a web app to a custom software development company that has completed 80% of the task. Then, there are complete requirement changes. In this particular scenario, to make necessary changes, the developers have to again spend enormous time and efforts to fulfil the requirements. It leads to unnecessary tussle between the partners. That means you will either have to wait to get your software or pay more to cover the cost or in the worst cases, stop the project after having a dispute with your technology partner.

Because even though the changes required by the company might look smaller on the frontend. However, it forces the developers sometimes completely revamp the whole backend structure.

To avoid such situation, you can have internal discussions with your team and concerned teams to determine what kind of software development you actually require.

Now, in another scenario, it might happen that you are stepping into software vertical for the first time and could not decide which is the ideal choice for you. At that particular moment, you can also seek suggestions from an expert. An experienced software development outsourcing company would have a relevant expertise to provide you with the best suggestion for your requirements.

Check Portfolio of Software Outsourcing Company

Software development outsourcing to an experienced and versatile company could be the best decision and investment you can make in your organization if you do it properly.

In today’s times, you will find an enormous number of companies who claim to be the best offshore outsourcing company of the market yet they might lack skills and commitment needed to provide successful project execution.

To assess their true potential, you would have to dig deeper. You can request them to share their previous work. Their portfolio will help you decide whether they can be trusted or not.

So while discussing your project requirement, you must ask the agency to share its portfolio if possible. It might happen that the agency has signed a non-disclosure agreement with their clients; in that particular scenario, you can request them to provide a demo or initial design to judge their credibility.

Define A System

When you outsource your software development, defining a system to work with your chosen software development company is the most undermined yet powerful strategy to get maximum positive results from the full project development.

It is important to understand the mode of communication, project management and tracking and regular updates that you will receive during your project implementation.

It would be best if you also established a proper mode of communication channel like email, conferences, telecommunication, video conferences or face to face meetings. These communication channels will be utilized for regular reporting, weekly or monthly calls, or discuss the project.

Understand that software development outsourcing is an investment in itself. So always focus on quality over quantity for all the areas of software development activities be it working with the team, hiring in-house resources and so on.

Also, understand that software development is an evolving process. So, once you have established a framework and start working, you would learn many things and have real-time experiences which will help you improve your current flow of work. So, be flexible in applying relevant changes to ensure smoother project execution.

Toward an Experienced Future with Radixweb

Effective outsourcing relationship is not about just planning and executive with a secret sauce from a remote offshore location. Rather, it’s about meeting an organizational goal, challenge or both – getting the two sides of ROI and Innovation to coexist.

We would love to know how you are planning to execute your next software development and if you need any assistance for the same, you can get in touch with to get the ball rolling to an experienced future.

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