Role of Communication in Offshore Industry

Role Of Communication In Offshore Industry

Communication is the elixir for the global business. It plays a vital part in the offshore IT industry. Most importantly, the offshore IT industry has gained a comprehensive global focus to meet the business target to clinch a deal.

In the outsourcing industry – communication takes a major role without it, there is no business; therefore, keeping a view for effective communication, the primary approach is to focus your skills on the world market in an ingenious way.

And this smartness of focusing your skills will come to you once you have excellent communication. We know the importance of the communication, but the figurative concern of communication is to get the right approach for the right explanation.

Using the communicative approach as a key to success

The offshore IT industry is dependable mostly on outsourcing services; therefore, the main tactic of getting high-level business success lies in smart communication skills.

One of the most common ones is IT, with several business functions that can be outsourced. However, to be successful, companies must partner with the right offshore IT companies.

Businesses need to evaluate IT outsourcing’s Potential Provider against critical criteria, including their credentials, security and compliance standards, and training programs.

Gary Ferraro says in his book “Global Brains- Knowledge and Competencies for the 21st Century,” emphasizing the importance of successful global communication when taking a business overseas. To be successful for a company in the global economy, it is essential to be aware of communication protocols within relevant countries.

A better communicative approach is essential for analytical skills that help clients understand overall project benefits up to the mark. Comprehensive communication skills bring organizational management fame worldwide.

A proper communication methodology has the power to give a solid grip in the current IT market worldwide. Communication skills are the trademark for offshore industries, mainly which are of Indian origin.

The role of communication plays a remarkable phase of business promotion for the Indian offshore IT companies mainly. Communication empowers a presentation approach to the clients that delivers a highly positive impact to the companies.

Often, we hear about “smart work policy,” and this smart work policy can be made true only by a better communicative approach. Offshore software development company in India like Radixweb have developed communication awareness within their offshore development team for successful business operations.

How to do profitable Offshore software development communication?

According to a study, out of the 1000 respondents survey, 28% stated poor communication as the top reason for the outsourcing project’s failure. Businesses must select the right offshore outsourcing software development company to avoid setting themselves up for failure.

One of the most critical steps is to evaluate their potential partners’ communication infrastructure during the negotiating stage.

The first question to ask is, “what issues are we trying to solve, or what opportunity are we trying to capture?” Beyond volume, timeline and unit cost targets, a good offshore software development company – for better customer communications relationship – will set goals for:

  • Optimization of the company-wide communications infrastructure for teams.
  • Improving the retention of customers through enhanced communication
  • Reducing costs for call centers.
  • Complying with rules and laws.
  • Maintaining clear messaging for brands.

After goals are set, the tendency is to track top-line milestones such as unit costs and deadlines being met, while the work of collecting and analyzing the data falls short.

The right metrics and daily monitoring help to maintain the partnership. Nevertheless, the focus needs to be on the business outcome of the interactions.

  • Are the support calls being reduced?
  • Are the response from clients increasing?
  • How are the in-house reacting to the new system?

Sometimes refinements and changes are difficult without evidence to direct future decisions. Even worse, when a relationship is measured using poor metrics.

Your clients want to ensure they are constantly in touch with their offshore software development company without asking them. Thus, a structure must be

Perceived Risks and Threats in Communications

Both partners in the relationship have many actual as well as potential hazards. From the client point of view, some of the risks could include:

  • Loss of project control
  • IPR and confidentiality issues
  • ODC (Offshore Development Center) uses inappropriate project skills
  • Poor quality job leading to rework, illegitimate schedule and cost overruns, and excess reliance on the offshore software development company leading to a threat of spreading the risk.

Some of the ODC perspective risks could include the development by customers of alternative ODCs, resulting in the long-term deterioration of market opportunities and unrealistic efficiency, quality, expense, and schedule demands.

These, and many other perceived threats, must be regularly defined by the offshore development team and frequently reviewed by failure modes.


Trust, collaboration, and progress of the organization and IT outsourcing provider can be achieved if there is proper and smooth communication – across the entire software project lifecycle.

Reengineering is one of the most effective forms of improving customer communication. To get a fresh look, it is not enough to update the process just on papers. With behavioral science modeling, reengineering will take client communication to a different and more centered level.

Radixweb has been delivering top-notch software solutions to its clients. And being in the offshore software development industry for 20 years, we at Radixweb – recognize all the nitty-gritty of effective communication and what our client wants – during our first ever call.

So make your first call today and discuss your dream software project with us!

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