We Celebrated Great Place To Work® Recognition with Radixians Swag

Radix recognised as Great Place to Work

“Great Place To Work® Certification is the most definitive ‘Employer-of-Choice’ recognition, which is the ‘Gold Standard’ in identifying and recognizing great workplace cultures.”

Radixweb, a world leader in custom software development and tech-fuelled business transformation, has grabbed the coveted title of a Great Place To Work® 2021 in the GPTW Institute’s large-scale companies category.

“We are proud of what we have achieved, both in terms of business capabilities as well human capital.” Stated Mr. Divyesh Patel, CEO at Radixweb. “This accolade has come our way not just because a specific team worked hard at building our culture and values, but because the entire Radixweb family works in the union to deliver pioneering tech solutions for our clients and build meaningful workplace experiences for our people. We dedicate the festivities of the day to our teams who have made us worthy of this accolade.”

Don’t miss out on the Radixians clamor in this exciting celebrations video from Radix House of Great Place To Work® Recognition.

“Radixweb has consistently distinguished itself not just by the quality of its output but by the deeply–valued relationships and modus vivendi that it offers its partners,” said Mr. Dharmesh Acharya, COO at Radixweb. “From the very beginning, Radixweb has consistently contributed significant value to improving the tech ecosystem that we live in today. Our zeal for excellence empowers our ultra-effective teams to convey powerful tech assets aligned to clients’ unique requirements. We are extremely pleased that the same values of delivering have phased into our work-life. Once we noticed this, we knew that recognition was bound to follow.”

Radix – Great Place to Work Certified

“We are very proud of this latest achievement, but we now need a little extra space on our award shelf,” quips Mr. Pratik Mistry, Vice President at Radixweb. “Jokes aside, we are thankful for the global recognition Radixweb has received. The intention behind developing a wholesome workday was to help professionals with a simpler, faster, and a more cohesive approach to development, and this award proves that we have succeeded.”

Radixians Celebrated Great Place to Work Award

Our Big Day

The celebrations kicked off with scrumptious cake and fizzy champagne, and all Radixians joined in on the exultations of the day. To heighten the festive spirit, we made it a double bash, celebrating our ‘He-Army’, given that the date also marked International Men’s Day. From props of handlebar mustaches to top hats that would put a Victorian esquire to shame, the celebrations were an exhilarating ride with us Radixians coming together and taking advantage of yet another reason to party hard.

Our Big Day

But don’t just take our word for it. We have solid proof. Here are the top reasons why Radixweb is the country’s best place to work.

1. Our People

With 500+ technophiles well competent in terms of experience and skillsets, Radixweb is a vibrant, eclectic blend of professionals from all walks of life. From leadership positions to internships, at Radixweb, you get the chance to work in a truly flat, no door hierarchy where your manager is also your friend, supporter, and mentor. While hiring, we at Radixweb always look for that elusive ‘x-factor’ that is important in today’s professional spheres.

As you work and grow shoulder to shoulder with the country’s brightest minds, the true ethos of being a Radixian will reveal itself to you, whether it is work-life flexibility, lucrative compensation, or an environment where you are heard. Every input, no matter how small, is duly acknowledged.

Best Place to Work Celebration

2. Innovative Mindset

Right from initial strategy and on to development and delivery, we work on client projects that encourage us to think not just out of the box but in ways preached to Neo by the Oracle in our favorite flick, The Matrix. “There is no spoon” is an adage that we Radixians live by, and as the boundaries of a boxed approach to strategy dissolve, innovative, game-changing products and services are born.

With a penchant for delivering tech assets that seem plucked out from a sci-fi movie, Radixweb aims at offering its clients the agility and capability to outstrip the competition in the new normal.

What makes Radixweb – A Great Place to Work? Let’s hear it from the People of Radix itself.

3. Our Clients

With a 3000+ clientele spread across 25 countries and three continents, Radixweb prides itself in working with bootstrapped garage startups to fortune 500 behemoths delivering its promise of enduring value and continuous innovation every time.

We offer our employees to work with global clients, the very names of which carry massive value to the rap sheet of a techie. Our consultative approach allows team members to pitch in during all stages of the SDLC, allowing us to craft solutions that resolve issues at the very root while adding massive props to our teams.

Want to be part of our fun-filled thrilling team?

4. Our Expertise

Radixweb has always been on the frontlines of developing disruptive innovations that match client requirements of scale and scope regardless of their industry vertical. Radixweb is all about delivering real-world impact as a highly vetted and trusted technology partner with a leadership team that nurtures a big-picture perspective.

At Radixweb, we believe that the ‘cutting edge’ is in constant flux, just like the market. This means that across teams, we keep upskilling while providing diverse learning and development opportunities to employees across the board. Radixweb is bent on offering aligned visibility, training, and opportunities motivating every Radixian to bring his best to work every day.

Radixians joined Great Place to Work Celebration

5. Our Culture

Radixweb fosters a culture of diversity, with a strong belief that individuality build character making our teams more innovative, competitive, creative, effective, and efficient. Radixweb is a people-centric workplace, where beneath all the bells and whistles of a world-class IT firm lies a truly human approach where mutual respect and camaraderie among teams are propelled towards common goals. So, if you happen to be feeling a little under the weather, you can rest assured that your team is going to re-energize you with a healthy dose of good vibes.

And now, let’s talk about the flash. When you begin working for Radixweb, you immediately gain corporate citizenship, an exclusive right that levels up your professional standing. Being a part of an organization that has topped Clutch’s list for top software companies five times in a row is no small feat.

Summing Up

Radixweb has now set its sights even higher and is in a full-blown expansion mode. Already an effervescent team of 500+ skilled professionals, Radixweb plans to bring in even more talent to match the increasing demand it now commands in the tech development space.

Capitalizing on the capabilities it has acquired, Radixweb is consistently churning out best-of-breed solutions. Coupled with a consultative approach and an inherent value system that put customer success at the forefront, Radixweb is poised as a significant player in the evolution of the technology sector while continuing on its journey of being a Great Place to Work.

If you are looking to upscale your career with an innovative team and a workspace certified as a Great Place To Work®, do check out our current openings.

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