Striking The Perfect Work Life Balance with Radixweb’s Flexible Work Culture

Striking The Perfect Work Life Balance With Radixweb’s Flexible Work Culture

When flexibility at work is mentioned, most people picture a workspace with a laid back attitude and no adherence to deliverable deadlines. This might appeal to a certain contingent of people but then the question arises, what about productivity? Let’s crunch some numbers to get a gist of what flexibility means to an employee. 80% of companies say they offer some form of flexibility, but only 19% of employees report having access to it. The solution, ironically, is to add more structure and yet take into consideration the needs of the individual. Flexibility is linked to improved organizational performance, personal benefit, and loyalty. So while it may seem counterintuitive, the key to a more flexible future is putting structure in place that enhances access for all. Read on to see how Radixians live better and as an outcome, work better.

The Company

The Company

We Radixweb are a software company based in Ahmedabad that boasts of an inclusive culture where diversity is the norm and projecting your unique individuality is applauded. We live by our values and yet provide ample room for growth, whether it is within the company or in other priorities of life. Being an organization which is merit driven, our ultimate motive is effective productivity. Our flexible work culture promotes this exact ethos.

The Work Force

The Work Force

“Ever Morphing”, “Dynamic”, “Next gen” are a few adjectives that very aptly describe the workforce of today. The diversity we see in teams is now not limited just to demographics. Each team of ours is distinctive in its own right and each team member even more so. The technology driven work force of today has widely contrasting goals, motivations and even life styles. We at Radixweb understand this and keep things as flexible as we can for our workforce without once stinting on quality or service. Our office space, Ekyarth, its name a Sanskrit derivation, embodies the spirit of unity and oneness. And we are proud to say that this spirit is shared in all Radixians. Balancing priorities inside and outside work is not an easy task which is why we at Radixweb promote flexibilities in all its forms.

The Fine Line

The Fine Line

The fine line between work and frolic is one we stride over with aplomb. The work life balance at Radixweb in our employees own words is “Awesome!” The mantra being, Live better, work better. Here are some bytes from us Radixians-

“I love that my ideas here are heard and the company really wants to know my ideas and approach.”

“There is lot of growth and learning opportunity for me.”

“It’s a fun working environment. Our managers are friendly and always ready to help.”

“It is always nice to start your career with a growing company. There’s so much amazing work to do.”

“Everybody is valued and I feel like we are work partners and not just employees. I believe it is because the way my manager and colleagues are; Strong, supportive and nurturing.”

“To sum it up Radixweb is a place where not only I learn a lot but can also make a difference.”

“Radixweb provides an open plan office where you can interact with your managers daily and hierarchy takes a backseat to mutual respect.”

We at radix want our team to have lives with authentic experiences which will in turn shape them into well rounded individuals who will eventually be more productive for the company. Radix’s major focus is constant innovation and sustained results; clearly a meritocracy. That’s one side of the coin. The other side is all about fun, frolic and bonding. Not only because of the adage- A team that works together, stays together but because Radixweb truly believes that the workplace is not a room full of cubicles with robots inside. Instead It is an open floor where you can be who you are thus being all the more productive.

The Generation gap- Bridged

Members of generation X and Y are even more insistent than their peers when it comes to balancing their personal and professional lives. Taking into consideration their “always on the go’ lifestyles, Radixweb Ahmedabad’s leading Software Company provides an open plan office where you can interact with your managers daily and hierarchy takes a backseat to mutual respect.

Now for the fun part. Radixweb has a snooze room if you are feeling like a quick nap, an up and coming game room to energize you, a fully functional gym is in the works so that you can blow off steam and stay fit at the same time. Looking for a quick chat with your manager? Gone are the days of waiting outside cabin doors reserved for the lucky few. In our open office plans your managers are working right beside you. So whether you want to submit a deliverable or just need to ask a quick question, Radixweb, has you covered.

Ready to strike the perfect work life balance with Radixweb’s work culture? We say Welcome Aboard!!

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Sarrah Pitaliya is a senior digital marketing manager at Radixweb to precisely navigate strategy for growth, build marketing capabilities, align the organization around customer experience and mentor teams about new digital, social, mobile channels and customer opportunities. Apart from work, she is a fitness freak and coffee connoisseur.