Work Life Balance: A Quick Sneak Peek to How Radixweb Steadies It Right

Work Life Balance: A Quick Sneak Peek To How Radixweb Steadies It Right

How often have you dreaded a certain W- word at work? In a hyper connected world, professionals…err (read: jugglers) are solving the mystical puzzle of ‘Work Life Balance’. While everyone unendingly debating on it, work life balance is definitely emerging as one of the important trends that impacts hiring and employee power dynamic.

As per a report,  72% of working professionals seek workplace flexibility. And isn’t it a plain white truth- who doesn’t love a little more flexibility in our lives? But it’s more than that. You need it and we embrace it.

W-O-R-K L-I-F-E B-A-L-A-N-C-E is not a myth at Radixweb. We Own It on Our Sleeves Harmoniously

It may seem that achieving work-life balance is hard. But, the greater goal is reducing workplace stress. Despite knowing all the happy essentials like- travel, taking timely leaves, opting for suitable work hours, professionals find it difficult to cope up.

Decoding the Work-Life Balance Puzzle

A perfect harmony, work life balance evidently looks different for everyone. But we’ve got you covered to find the work-life balance mantra that’s just right for you.

Less Meetings, More Action

We don’t encourage long meetings- Yes Here’s the Ultimate Truth Bomb. Meetings take off a lot of valuable time of everyone involved. Why not use that time to add more value with your actions! Our teams don’t have unnecessary meetings- unless it’s mandatory.

‘Making our Meetings Matter’ is what we live by.

Having No Doors Policy

Doors don’t exist for us! Radixians can walk up to their managers, mentors, or seniors to discuss about anything under the sun. Being open, honest and clear about what you need begins with communication. Working closely to manage work and other commitments is a top down approach. And we have enabled ways to help you achieve it.

Here’s a secret we tell our employees: Working smarter and managing time often helps you free up mental capacity, work hours, and emotional space to do more of the activities you love.

Break Down Tasks Before It Brake-Downs

Team whiteboards, personal notepads, or shared boards- that’s where the sketch of our days lie. All our tasks are dividing in monthly and weekly to-dos. This helps to check things off the list when complete and manage activities well before they become overwhelming.

Getting Things Done

Our approach: It’s about working on to be more productive, for having more ideas and not holding them back. Doing actual things take less time than worrying about the thing. Once we’ve got a plan in place, we take action- not getting mired down by making the list or steps perfect. It reduces a lot of deadlines and tasks related stress in the later stages.

Focussing On Radixians Care

Ample leaves for regular time-offs to focus on work and personal lives. We believe that when you’re at home, focus on being present and enjoying your personal life. And while you’re at work, focus on being present at work, give undivided attention and concentrate on the project at a time.

Unplugging to Celebrate

Never have we ever missed a reason to pause and celebrate even our small victories. Festivals, annual events, off-sites- everything. Taking time off our screens and building our team spirit often helps to pack a power punch with our productivity.

Stay on the Balance with Radixweb

For the ones who find it really difficult to disconnect or draw the line, regardless of their roles and responsibilities- Radixians are encouraged to truly enjoy what they really do and find a way to balance passion with personal commitments, which makes us the most sought after in the IT companies list in Ahmedabad.

If you’re planning to revisit your Work Life Balance Goals for the days coming ahead, you can stay just as connected to our team or get on board here.

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Sarrah Pitaliya is a senior digital marketing manager at Radixweb to precisely navigate strategy for growth, build marketing capabilities, align the organization around customer experience and mentor teams about new digital, social, mobile channels and customer opportunities. Apart from work, she is a fitness freak and coffee connoisseur.