Fostering a People-Centric Culture Makes Radixweb a ‘Great Place To Work’

Radixweb Great Place To Work ®

It is with great pride that I get set to pen down this. Radixweb, the most shout-out leading software development company with a team of 500+ people, now matches ranks with India’s best organizations as a certified Great Place To Work® 2021 in the large-scale companies category.

The Great Place To Work® Certification ™ we received now gives us the bragging rights of being an ‘Employer-of-Choice’. This certification is the industry ‘Gold Standard’ in the identification and recognition of great workplace cultures.

Radixweb is one of the most aspirational workplaces in the country, thanks to its trusting leadership that allows employees to make intelligent decisions by providing them with world-class opportunities to grow and scale.

Many may speculate that this award was because of the strict processes our company follows, the highly-skilled resources we deploy, or even the capabilities of our managers to motivate employees to work at optimal levels.

Watch this short video and know why Radixweb is indeed a ‘Great Place to Work’.

Allow me to burst that bubble. Radixweb is a Great Place To Work® certified ™ not just because of its infrastructural grandeur and capable management but because of an intrinsic culture that upholds the criticality of the human element in everything we do.

From the very first day, our founders knew the kind of business entity they wished to build; one with empathy, acknowledgment, appreciation, and inclusion while walking the tightrope of a positive work-life balance with finesse. In short, a genuinely people-centric culture where the individuality and authenticity of our people take precedence.

How We Do It

Following broaching as a strategy, Radixweb upholds spontaneity in equal stead as a thorough data-backed approach. Our C-suite and people managers play pivotal roles in determining our course of action while setting a perfect balance between client goals, organizational values, and people centricity. Consistent re-evaluation of our perceptions and processes allows us to stay relevant in the face of ever-evolving market demands.

At Radixweb, we don’t believe in holding silos within the organization. With a fluid multi-channel and multi-directional flow of communication, every Radixian is abreast of all relevant modifications and upgrades in terms of policy, approach, and organizational processes keeping the entirety of our workforce on the same page.

Talking about our leadership, Radixweb’s C-Suite practices what they preach. With a hands-on approach towards every business engagement and project, our leaders remain committed to delivering excellence while consistently upskilling themselves and instilling the same zeal across the organization.

Trade Secrets

At Radixweb, we have dedicated committees where senior management officials team up with our HR teams to develop a clear perception of what processes need adjustments and how an employee’s workday can be made more fulfilling and productive (in that order).

We value our resources and encourage and facilitate our team members to stay up to date with all the latest tech trends, workarounds, and hacks to deliver consistent value in all our endeavors. This results in employees working at peak levels, confident that their contribution is recognized and valued.

Here, committee members prepare knowledge manuals and test run innovative tech assets developed purely to add to the skill sets of our teams while staying on top of the latest developments of the tech industry, pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Radixweb promotes industry best practices and knowledge sharing to keep pace with market evolution and innovate to acquire tangible value.

At Radixweb, learning never stops. We strongly encourage our people to take courses and certifications to enhance their skills and build decision-making capabilities while we foot the cost of such programs.

Radixweb respects thinkers as much as doers. Radixweb is built with the singular motive of inspiring a creative and proactive mindset. At Radixweb, it is very common to come across team heads spending dedicated time with team members to consistently seek and acquire fresh perspectives and facilitate the evolution of a wholesome thought process.

Nurturing our people has, is, and always will be one of our primary motives as we understand that for a castle to stand firm, each soldier should be a force to be reckoned with. Our marketing teams are constantly on their toes, even when it comes to inward programs.

The marketing teams make sure to include all levels from freshers to management chairs in invigorating R&R activities to encourage an ethos of trying new things while developing their personalities into global citizens and eventually global managers.

We are also active on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We put forth high-value content that alternates between being light-hearted, informative, helpful for decision making, glimpses into the life we Radixians lead, and sometimes, a combination of all four. Fostering an empowering and appreciative environment does wonder for our bottom line. Our employees are hyper-productive while easily avoiding the pitfalls of burnouts, irrelevancy, and skill obsoletion.

A Great Place to Work – Radixweb

A Great Place to Work - Radixweb

Radixweb understands the importance of transparency in communications, commitment to delivering customer success, and building innovative tech solutions that stand in a class of their own.
Our business decisions are driven by our human approach, where every tech asset we build aims to solve a real-world problem.

Our integrity as a company has been applauded many a time by our clients. At Radixweb, we believe in offering mutual benefit for all stakeholders and building long-standing professional relationships.

With multiple channels of communication available across hierarchies, every employee can share information and perspectives with a view of fuelling cohesive growth and a drive to innovate together.

What We Have Achieved

It would be an understatement to say that our efforts have paid off. Employees at Radixweb are more productive, better informed, satisfied, and most importantly, happier.

All our initiatives are aimed at fuelling the passion of every Radixian, resulting not only in chart-topping competitive results, a sense of satisfaction and loyalty towards their workplace but in building a Truly Great Place to Work.

Want to be a part of this Great Place to Work? Join us, we are hiring.

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