Radixweb’s Brand New Corporate Office

A one-of-a-kind workplace where digitization meets innovation and culture meets commitment

Welcome to Ekyarth The Hubspot for Xcellence

Let Us Show You Around Our New Space

What Makes Our New Office Special?

As a leading software development provider we are dedicated to building – and keeping – our customers’ trust. We keep innovation, intelligence and business value High

  • 75000 sq.ft. smartly designed space with natural lighting
  • 700+ advanced work stations
  • Ergonomical seating arrangements to promote flexibility
  • Robust data protection and backup systems
  • Technology-enabled meeting and conference rooms
  • Highly scalable network architecture
  • Thoughtfully designed creative zones for brainstorming
  • Round-the-clock power availability and monitoring systems
  • Huge parking, enormous cafeteria, and relaxation zones
  • Safety and green compliance building

The Snug Corners We Love About This Office

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Accelerate Your Transformation Drive

As market leaders for over two decades, our aim is to drive organic growth through disruptive strategies. We constantly strive to create future-proof digital strategies for our clients so that they are able to cope well with changing market demands, as well as have an edge over competitors. Our sole competion is how our own transformation strategies were a day back.

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Dream Destination to Spur Innovation

Ekyarth is a well-thought-out modern workplace that houses over 450 tech minds. A brand new address for Radixweb, a top-notch Software Development partner globally, this space speaks of our culture as a brand, our zeal to drive innovation, and our commitment to our employees.

Dream Destination to Spur Innovation

What Our Leaders Think About Ekyarth?

Divyesh Patel

Divyesh Patel

CEO, Radixweb

Like every startup dreams of having its own sprawling space with the latest infrastructure, Ekyarth, too, was our long-standing dream that we have finally fulfilled. For us, our teams are our second employees, and we wanted to build an office in which they take pride. Also, the interiors had to reflect our class and stature. Thus, every area at Ekyarth is prim and has a minimalist style.

The main purpose behind designing this building was to bring in the latest amenities for our employees. From best-in-class desk setups to extremely equipped meeting areas, Ekyarth is a geek’s paradise. Well spread out floors, top-notch technological equipment supporting long-distance and virtual catchups, relaxation zones – we have designed everything at our new hub that our teams might need.


Dharmesh Acharya

COO, Radixweb

When designing Ekyarth, we didn’t want it to be another regular office space. Just like our work speaks for itself, we wanted our new hub to reflect our culture and sensibilities; both our exterior and interior designs resonate with our aesthetics and approach. Apart from the designs, Ekyarth is plugged with state-of-art infrastructures and modern technology that supports our zeal for developing extraordinary tech solutions.

Apart from anything else, our new hub is designed in a way that promotes extensive team-building activities. We have designed a host of creative areas for internal meetings and brainstorming sessions, along with impressive graffiti on corridor walls for that spark of encouragement.

Ekyarth is a well-designed modern workplace that has the best-in-class infrastructural abilities. From highly adaptive hardware and devices to secured servers and robust data protection systems, from employee-centric facilities to state-of-art amenities – Ekyarth has it all!

The Reception

Step into our premises, and you will be led to our sprawling Reception area, which leaves an impeccable impression of our warmth and hospitality. With plush rugs and comfy sofas, the minimalist designs speak volumes of our taste and make all our visitors feel comfortable. They say that the first impressions always last longer, and we left no stone unturned to make one!

Technology-Rich Conference Room

The Work Floors

The core of our innovation drives, the work floors are the life of Ekyarth, and we ensured our teams feel comfortable where they spend most of their time. An ergonomic seating arrangement enables the comfort and flexibility of our employees throughout the working hours. The work stations have modern devices and highly enabled systems that optimize the success of your tech solutions.

The work floors

Conference/Meeting Rooms

We can say that our brainstorming areas are literally the stars of Ekyarth! Don’t be startled when you are directed to a certain names like Sapphire or Thoughtpod for that’s we where rack our brains during team catchups and client meetings. As the most trustworthy software outsourcing partners across the globe, most of our clients are based overseas. Hence, our meeting rooms are plugged in with plush and high-performing devices that enable virtual meets and sensitive data sharing facilities.

Conference/Meeting rooms

Corridors and Creative Walls

Inspiration can be found anywhere, and we used up the most frequented places for this! You can spot interesting graffiti and inspirational quotes to jog up the spirit of our techies as they move around the space. Other than giving our walls those super cool vibes, the quotes are a reflection of our lives as a part of a very promising team. After all, a visual nudge can do more wonders than traditional words of advice.

Corridors and creative walls

The C Suite Cabins

The higher-ups and people leaders have their solo spots in our hub that truly reflect their personal sense of style. Step into each personal cabin, and you see a glimpse of modesty and humbleness along with a vibe of extreme determination. All our C-suite cabins have minimalist decors and state-of-art facilities that suit our leaders.

The C suite cabins

The Pantry

We place our best bet when we say that Ekyarth is a house full of foodies. Our teams savor both gourmet dishes and street food delicacies. Our kitchen and eating area is a lavish space that can house over 200+ individuals with ease. We put hygiene conditions above everything in our kitchen; thus, a professional team of caterers runs our foodie’s delight with utmost precision. Good food to peps up the work mood!

The Pantry

The Relaxation Areas

Trust us when we say that we know the techie life can seem overwhelming at times! We have seen hours of coding and stringent deadlines mess with the temperament of our employees. Besides, we also have a couple of fitness enthusiasts who often miss out on their workout schedules because of occasional work demands. To ease work tensions, we have a well-equipped gym and a gaming room on the way that will be open to all our employees. Now, isn’t that something really happening to look forward to?

The Relaxation Areas

Why You Might Want To Engage With Us?

With our constant efforts to drive innovation, Radixweb has created a niche for itself in the global market. Our clients keep coming back to us because of our transparent approach towards the development process and our zeal to come up with bespoke solutions to bizzare concerns. Each member of our team brings in the best of their disciplines. We constantly strive to build a team that is committed to growth.

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