Outsourcing to Software Companies or Freelance Developers

Outsourcing To Software Companies Or Freelance Developers

Current IT advancement has forced the majority of companies to allocate and invest a subsequent portion of their budget into web application development.

They utilize most IT facilities, which has led to outsourcing small to enterprise-level IT projects to various service providers. You might come across many IT outsourcing companies claiming to offer top-notch offshore software outsourcing services while looking for an IT partner for your project.

Finding the right option is important to achieve the project’s success. You may experience lots of disappointment and frustration with one wrong selection of software development company or a freelance developer.

Below mentioned tips should be considered while selecting a reliable partner and to help you recognize the difference between outsourcing and freelancing or a well-established software development company.



  • Usually, freelancers are less expensive than professional companies offering software development services because they are only one or two people and they don’t have large operational overheads to worry about
  • Freelancers don’t have any policies or guidelines for customer satisfaction
  • A freelancer’s creativity, ability & skill sets are limited as compared to a team
  • Customers can’t rely on a freelancer for a large scale project, such as Enterprise solution development, which requires resources with various skill-sets
  • Freelancers can’t guarantee whether the project will be delivered on time if they are stuck somewhere during development along with code quality
  • Freelancers don’t offer multiple services like consultation, integration, with testing, and graphic designing, etc. which has to be considered before approaching them for software development projects

Professional Software Development Companies:


The stable software development companies have well-defined processes and strive hard to achieve customer satisfaction which helps in retaining customers and guarantees repeat sales

Customers get an advantage from the collective expertise of a team of designers, developers, UI Designers, technical architects, etc. in an offshore software development company.

Professional firms tend to have more knowledge of the ongoing as well as upcoming IT trends and programming languages. Their expertise can be leveraged to develop a robust and scalable software solution according to the requirements of the customers

Software development companies can provide complete solutions, including graphic design, consulting, customization, migration, integration, testing or any other specific needs you may have for your venture. This saves you the need to search for multiple resources in order to complete a project. Companies have the benefit of being able to propose a complete solutions package including end-to-end project management.

Software development companies have risk mitigation processes in place along with escalation managers for prompt troubleshooting.

Professional software development company also has support staff to provide assistance even after the completion of project and solution deployment.

Key facts to consider while choosing your outsourcing partner:

Proven track records:

Check out your outsourcing partner’s industry experience and find out more on the type of customers they are serving. Make sure your offshore partner has scalable solutions to match your enterprise needs.

Look for References:

Ask for related references from your IT outsourcing software development projects partner before taking a call for your project. Find out about the quality of service, timely delivery, requirement understanding skills, and customer service from the references you get.

Check for the business objective of your outsourcing partner:

One more important factor to find whether your business aims are matching with your IT software outsourcing partner’s objective. If their objectives are up to some extend aligned with your aims, it will help you to generate desired results as they would be more practical to understand your requirements.

Financial stability and credentials:

Another crucial factor in outsourcing is to have a financially secure and stable outsourcing partner. Do check for the skills and experience of the offshore partner and be sure about their industry insights. Also, avoid some famous software outsourcing myths – as it may negatively impact your mind.

Ask for prototypes:

This would help you determine the level of quality, technical expertise, requirement understanding skills, and your offshoring company’s timely delivery. If you get satisfied results for earlier mentioned aspects, your goals can be attained with this partner.

Enable seamless Communication:

Communicate more with your offshore development partner and make sure they understand your language. While selecting your outsourcing partner, make sure they are available via phone, email, chat, etc., for your help anytime. Do also verify about post-implementation support they are offering or not.

Advantages of Freelancing

Some businesses tend to employ freelancers to commit more time and money to their client’s duties. This flexibility in their work schedule and location comfort enables freelancers to work in their potential working environment to make their assignments more flexible and successful.

Businesses hire freelancers mostly for short-term projects or small tasks. The temporary nature of their jobs is another benefit businesses prefer.

Advantages of Outsourcing

For companies, outsourcing is valuable because it helps them reduce their labor costs by a large margin. When an organization uses a third party’s services, it enlists the support of experts to perform those activities that are performed better and in an effective manner – compared to the company’s in-house team.

With the right IT outsourcing company, businesses can strategize their time and use their money wisely to focus on the essential aspects of the market, resulting in more enhanced sales and growth strategies. You can also check out our Software Development Outsourcing Guide – to get a more in-depth and better understanding of software outsourcing.

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