Whiz-bang IT Outsourcing Trends for 2018 to Shape Your Business

Whiz-Bang IT Outsourcing Trends For 2018 To Shape Your Business

When winter is here, can snow be far behind? Before the holiday season whirls out this year from our calendars, take this last chance to set up your business strategies right for the next year. In its mid-year global tech market report, Forrester estimates that global tech market will grow by 4% in 2018 and will reach a whopping $3 Trillion.

Software and technology consulting spending will witness concrete growth. The industry is experiencing a relative stability after the surprising political and economic events that shook the world in 2016-17. As the scenario is improving, governments and businesses are becoming more aggressive about achieving their IT goals for the coming year. Outsourcing is like snow; let it fall softly and easily to stay longer and sink deeper into your business.

Be ready on the Launchpad with Bustling IT Outsourcing Trends for 2018 as soon as the ‘Holiday Season’ gets over:

Swift Software Development

To balance the need for speed and cost pressures, global companies are moving to the agile process for speed-rich software development. Organizations are looking for the right technology partner to embrace agile development and Dev-ops approach easily. For an agile personality, organizations will require rapid development cycles and smooth coordination within various teams of business, development, and operations.

Cloud Computing

Everyone is getting on the Cloud (minus the nine). Enterprises are moving their operations to the public cloud while continuing to run specific applications in dedicated private cloud environments. What will set companies apart is how they use cloud computing to accomplish their business goals. As per Forrester, 50% of organizations will have to sustain on at least one public cloud platform to meet continually varying consumer demands and edge out the competition. (Read More: Cloud Computing Trends 2018: Shine with a Silver Lining). To hold the ground firmly, companies will seek technology partners to innovate quickly and efficiently.

Growth of Automation

Digital labor is replacing manual labor. The demand for automation is stupendously rising. At its core, automation increases efficiencies enables proactive behavior, adds significant value to the business and all of these at reduced costs. With most back-office functions being automated, to compete you need automation. Companies are adopting ‘Automation-first’ approach and in the days to come will use digital labor as the first rung in the ladder.

Rise of Business Technology

The same Forrester report also predicts that annual spending on CRM, eCommerce, customer analytics and other niche business technologies (BT) that help enterprises win and retain customers will increase by 28% of total global tech spending. It will absorb over half of the new projects budget spending. In 2018, this growth of investment in front-office systems will simultaneously impact back-office technologies for required support.

Intelligent AI

The coming year will see more of physical things going beyond rigid programming models to deliver an immersive experience and converse more colloquially with users. Smart vehicles, robots, drones, industrial and connected systems will grow steadily. Gartner says we can zoom off in autonomous vehicles on controlled roadways by 2022. Organizations will have to focus on creating intelligent apps and systems for users.

Evolving Mobile Apps

Mobile is not new to the industry- what will be new is the way they interact with users. We expect the young generation of mobile apps to be focused on meeting specific personalized needs of the customers rather than mass-based upgrades for all. Retail, bank, and security industries will be swept by modern mobile apps. Know the global trends to ‘mobilize’ products and services in the next year.

Blind Spots on the Outsourcing Lens in 2018

Businesses continue to invest and consume more innovative technologies creating a severe demand for tech specialists. There is a dearth of required skills expert in the market today. To satiate the skills appetite, organizations need to incline towards a future-ready outsourcing partner like Radixweb.

In the race of price vs. quality, the latter is nearer to the finish line. Now, enterprises happily pay more when the price is truly justified in the form of better ROI. Market leaders celebrate this adaption and strive to enhance excellence in delivery. For successful partnerships, it will be inevitable to continually upgrade security standards and maintain clear communication channels for transparency between clients and providers.

With the white Christmas just a month away , we hope these outsourcing trends set as snowflakes on your business goals, and we begin with a triumphant 2018! To better snowboarding technology ahead, let’s connect.

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