Transforming Approach to Successful Project Delivery – Varix Patel sharing his experience

Varix Patel On Transforming Approach to Successful Project Delivery

For any organization or business looking for a transformation in this ever-evolving digital world, the key factor that determines success depends on how effectively a project is delivered.

To ensure that the project control solutions and operating models are properly linked, Varix Patel – Delivery and Operations Head, has a major role in aligning the delivery of projects successfully.

Do you know how Varix Patel manages the software projects seamlessly? And how he ensures that the project execution and delivery are efficiently accomplished? Well, this exclusive interview session with Varix Patel will surely give answers to such kinds of insightful questions.

Radixweb has gained immense experience in the past 21 years for setting up and transforming project controls. The most important controls, such as time, cost, and risk, tend to repeat themselves throughout projects. However, the lack of defined standards, varied cultures and practices means that even with familiar controls, small shifts may bring new organizational issues.

We interviewed Varix Patel to understand his experience with Radixweb and how successful delivery of complex software projects can be accomplished.

Here’s a quick crux of the video interview with our Head of Delivery and Operations:

Q: Technologies are emerging rapidly – How can we uplift the talent of our teams to adopt the change?

Varix: Change is the only constant. Being in the IT domain, we have to be very careful about what to pickup and what to avoid. Businesses need to understand what are they capable of when having a small team; if they plan to work on every well-known technology in the market; then it’s a bad idea. If we talk about our team (Radixweb) adopting new technologies, we learn every small aspect, master it and move ahead. We are early adopters; whenever a new tech has arrived in the market, for example Google’s Angular, our team has incorporated its architecture very soon with effective results.

Q: How do you ensure quality standards at Radixweb?

Varix: In many companies, project or delivery managers, have a certain perspective about quality. Radixweb has a culture of imparting knowledge of what is acceptable and what isn’t.

For some clients, a unique feature developed by us may become KPI in their overall project, while for others, it might be useless. Hence, we establish our QC/ QA process and maintain an effective quality standard based on the requirement.

Q: How do you diversify the recruitment process to achieve desired output?

Varix: That’s a tricky question. People nowadays are much aware about everything in our industry. Even though attrition is a big challenge, many players in the market continue their business by capitalizing on high attrition rates. For example, platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, target people who are looking forward to job changes.

However, when people change their jobs in the middle of a project or task, I see that as an Industrial leakage. Because that affects the company as well as our industry. To address this issue, we need to have a process where teams can minimize the knowledge transfer. Using some frameworks and set processes, we in our team try to smoothen the knowledge transfer curve.

For diversification, I would prefer young talents to be in my team. Because you see, there would be no experienced individuals, if there we no freshers. Experience brings some things (knowledge), but fresh blood brings enthusiasm.

Q: Tell us something about the culture of endurance at Radixweb?

Varix: I personally don’t believe merely in the ‘vision and mission’ things that many companies portray. Radixweb is just not about a being a brand or an organization, it’s all about our people. Just like Asgard is not a place, never was; Asgard is where our people stand.

We have evolved from a smaller space to a larger one. Earlier our teams used to enjoy and celebrate parties on a smaller scale. Now as we grow, Radixians have their own infrastructure to celebrate.

Work-life balance is the key here. Often when a new candidate comes for an interview, they ask, “We have heard a lot about the vibrant company culture, but how can we check that?” I ask them to visit our office after 8:30 PM.

Culture is built collectively by individuals of Radixweb. We try to be honest; respect every individual’s thoughts, ideas; encourage zero politics, and much more.

These were only a few of the topics which we discussed with Mr. Patel about his journey at Radixweb. For more knowledgeable insights on successful business operations, watch his complete video interview:

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