Latest Cloud Computing Trends and Opportunities

Latest Cloud Computing Trends And Opportunities

The adoption of cloud based development across the globe in 2014 was US $40 billion and is expected to grow rapidly by 23% to 27% in 2018. (Source: Everest Group)

The above statistics show a clear picture of increasing reliability of cloud computing in this hi-tech era. From large to small scale enterprises have started to adopt best suitable model of cloud from private, public or hybrid. Cloud development platform offers cost effectiveness development by streamlining various technical and business specific functions such as installation, operations, IT staffing and much more.

“Cloud computing initiatives are the single most important initiative today in 16% of the IT departments surveyed, followed by legacy systems modernization and replacement (12%) and software on-premises (9%).” (Source: Forbes)


Due to all advanced facilities served by cloud, it becomes one of the most dependable and secure platform to develop robust software that helps in meeting various business challenges. There are some key predictions came out from the contemporary researches that define upcoming future and trends of cloud computing.

Most Preferred for New Software Building

Security of application is the major concern for all enterprises before preferring any cloud based development model. The model that reduces complexity of software development and cater deployment with greater agility is best for the business. Other major benefits of cloud application development are disaster backup recovery, massive data storage, and much more.

IDC (an Industry analyst firm) predicts that the global cloud application development market, that involves private, public and hybrid clouds, will hit $118 billion in 2015 and crest at $200 billion by 2018. (Source: COMPUTERWORLD)

A Global Deployment Platform

Cloud is one of the most reliable platform for rapidly growing businesses to deploy their huge data and develop applications. Instead of investing to buildup expensive private data centers, cloud development platform provide effective management and maintenance facilities for software solution. Lease the place from global cloud services providers, hire few IT professionals to manage application and run your online business successfully.

Flexible Solution Development

Adopting cloud development platform for software solution building, enterprises can be assured for application better performance and interoperability. All models help in making dynamic solutions to simplify business processes, improve productivity, and increase ROI with less efforts and investment.

Hybrid Cloud Based Development

The most preferable model of cloud computing for all businesses. Hybrid cloud based development can be a profitable business decision, as it is quite easy to develop, manage and maintain software here. As per one assumption, at the end of 2015, there will be very few companies who completely dependent on server or client application.

Quick Acceptance of Private Cloud

Generally, IT professionals prefer private cloud environment as it is considered as the most secure platform to deploy multi cloud architecture. Due to security reasons, applications deployed at private cloud are safer in compare to public and hybrid model. In private cloud computing, it is easy to operate of multiple clouds applying various technologies across multiple access points. Thus, the process of application optimization is also quite simple at private cloud development platform.

Cloud is a technology arena that introduces ultra innovations and technology trends everyday. Share your requirements with Radixweb that excels in offering cloud application development services at the affordable rates using all advanced tools and technologies. A clouds based software development simplifies IT complexities and aids enterprises to earn bucks through this online platform.

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