Cloud Computing: Top Challenges Haunting Cloud Adopters

Cloud Computing: Top Challenges Haunting Cloud Adopters

Hugely anticipated Cloud Computing Technology May Cast a Dark Shadow on Your Success: Know How to Save Your Business from a Catastrophe

Every dark cloud has a silver lining- goes the old adage. In the technology-driven world today, migration to cloud computing is too seen as a dark cloud. While it is becoming the ‘new-normal’ and widely adapted technology- Cloud comes with its own set of challenges and common mistakes. With its high rate of market adoption, risks associated with them will become more crucial to deal with over time.

To edge out competition- small and big companies know that it is necessary to catch the silver lining of cloud computing. Cloud technology has seen a major shift from being ‘Do-Watch Trend’ to a ‘Must-have’ approach.

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As per a Forrester report, in 2018 the global public cloud market will grow at a CAGR of 22%. It also suggests that 50% of organizations will have to adapt at least one public cloud platform to meet changing consumer expectations and market needs. We have taken a close look at the latest cloud computing trends of 2018– now it’s time to take a closer look to the challenges associated with smooth cloud adoption.

The catch is- first time cloud adopters are clout with many challenges like creating right cloud management strategies, defining cloud culture, accessing the risk appetite, data security and cost of ownership.

Such bumps impede smooth adoption by potential cloud adopters today. It is make or break approach to mitigate these risks to leverage optimum benefits of maturing cloud technology for enterprises. An experienced cloud vendor who invests in innovation and strategic planning to fix the burning issues is the key.

Let’s take a closer look at these issues and how to go about them:

Sensitive Data Breaches

Data security remains one of the prime reasons that make companies extra cautious before trusting a cloud vendor. Particularly for industries like healthcare, media and entertainment and banking- data breach can create unprecedented havoc for users. Whether it is on-premises or cloud, systems will always be under threat due to human errors or poorly drafted access management practices.

To have a defending security protection cover for your cloud solution is important. Enterprises should focus on developing corporate culture that enforces data security.

Building a strong and risk-free cloud environment depends on the expertise and experience of a strategic cloud vendor.

Cloud Usage Culture

Cloud is all about- ease of use, flexibility and on-the-go data accessibility. However, organizations tend to observe a behavioural shift in employees. With cloud services, people save, share and store data just about anywhere. They take the most feasible route to sharing data that poses a huge risk of ‘mixed-use’. To nullify this problem, a consistent record retention policy should be in place.

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Hybrid-Cloud Complexity

2018 is called the year of hybrid cloud adoption. For any enterprise, hybrid cloud environments are often cluttered mix of multiple cloud applications, cloud services, private as well as public clouds operating at the same time. These multi-layered cloud ecosystems perform without a common UI, have lack of data consistency and negligent analytical benefits for companies. Such incomprehensible mess are a result of inept planning. Hybrid cloud environments have to be meticulously thought by considering all project aspects. Common cloud computing challenges like integration, scalability and disaster recovery get amplified in hybrid environments.

Cost-Efficient vs. Cheap Solutions

For most cloud adopters, the initial decision to move or not to move to cloud is the initial hurdle. The golden tip is to consider all factors, choose cost-efficient solutions rather than looking for cheaper options. As in the long run, such cheaper solutions can attract several incremental costs for implementation and maintenance of the system.

For enterprises looking to merge the gap between risks and increase in ROI should partner with cloud computing vendors offering adequate expertise and experience in tackling above mentioned challenges-before the clouds adoption rises up.

Efficient Automated Cloud Management with Radixweb Cloud Experts

There has been a surge in automating manual processes to ensure system integrity, data security and meet compliance requirements. It is important to use more automated tools, scale down the manual interference and standardize configuration.

One of our customers in Human Resource industry faced severe crisis due to age-old legacy systems. They were facing substantial loss of revenue, market-share and customer-base due to its existing application. Our experts spearheaded their business by rebuilding their application and hosting in the cloud- with simplified product licensing, automated processes and effective database management. The company was able to reach 2000+ customers base from 600 in record time.

Address age-old challenges in a misty new way with Radixweb’s domain, industry and analytical insights. Rise high on the cloud without turbulence- Get business-centric managed cloud services today.

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