IT Outsourcing – Acing Industry’s Seventh Sense!

IT Outsourcing – Acing Industry’s Seventh Sense!

Say Hello to the Seventh Intelligence of Cultural Sensitivity- Don’t understand, imbibe their culture is the new norm in “IT Outsourcing”

“It is not our differences that unlike us. If not seen correctly, it is our inability to recognize, accept and celebrate those differences”, said Audre Lorde, globally renowned human activist. In the world governed by technology, this cannot be more true!

With more than 6500 languages spoken across in the world, evidently each one carries its own business sense and work culture! One of the most daunting challenges in the roadmap to grow business in outsourcing is the variance of every culture, its tone, gestures, and humor.

One of the most common gesture in business meetings- Handshake has an encyclopedia of rules for globe-trotting. If a simple ‘hand-shake’ denotes different meanings in different cultures- you can stand to imagine the diversity involved in co-adopting the vast plethora of cultures when they come to one table (or rather on one screen for “business”).

Cultures serve as your value frameworks when it comes to outsourcing as that reflects behavior and etiquettes. Don’t let cups of coffee, phone calls, handshakes, business gifts, human-touch, or use of language become your gaffe.

It takes craftsmanship of innovative and sustainable leadership, like Radixweb, to mold the variance of cultures in the right way- merging the individualistic and collectivist natures of different regions!

IT Outsourcing – The Radix Power of Dispersing Cultural Congruence

Radixweb Embedding Inelligence in IT Outsourcing

While there are hordes of reasons why companies look out for right partners to outsource their technology needs- Cultural gap is one quicksand area that has killed many deals before they see the light of the day. Just as fish takes to water, Radixweb has pioneered the art of managing “We-Are-All-The-Same” threat in IT Outsourcing industry.

Yes, across continents we are driven by the same passion to hit the bull’s eye of business growth but we are different on how we practice our skills. That is where our experience of collaborating with the best brains comes in handy.

With our consistent focus on creating amicable culture repertoire with our partners spread across the world, our experts have gravitated towards building a professional personality that reflects in our work behavior. When faced with chalk and cheese on the same table; it is important to not just meet challenges but also to foresee it and be prepared to mitigate the risks.

The biggest threat in IT Outsourcing is the ‘Not eliminating the risks’ involved. With the finesse of a skilled magician, Radixweb has a bag full of tricks to have zero-tolerance for prevalent hazards like seeking transparency, real cost of the project, language, Quality Standards and IPR & NDA protections.

To serve seamlessly in various time zones is a by-product of the vast cultural expanse. For smooth and fertile projects, we have devised time-tested ways to overcome time zone differences. Adhering to our go-to practices like setting up transparent and consistent communication channels, appointing relevant points of contact, regular meetings, progress reports, industry-standardized project management tools and intelligent task assignments aid us well.

Innovators Know

How Radix Blows The Competition Away?

  • Cultural Dimensions: Thorough-bred cultures makes it easy to assume and not “think” about trivial things. A trivial thing in one culture may come as a rude shock in another country thousands of miles apart. Use of words, phrases, symbols and actions mean different things to people from different geographical and sociological backgrounds.

    Likewise, in outsourcing, certain functionality developed with general assumptions might lead to harmful results if it is not clearly communicated. It is this secret ingredient that we understand to make offshore outsourcing a resounding success.

    For instance, in USA family members split their bills on one table- while that might not be the case when it comes to Asian countries. For us, utmost priority is delivering project successfully and not get buried under debris of poor scope definitions or over-commitments.

    For a concrete hold on our projects, we ensure that on-boarded projects are unmistakably defined and each project passes through rigorous requirement gathering phase before coding commences.

  • Leadership Hierarchy: Owing to the strong top management culture in Asian regions, it becomes a rift when partners from West region expect developers to come up with creative solutions and take decisions impeccably.

    At Radixweb, hierarchy doesn’t limit the percolation of freedom from top to bottom. Grooming the workforce with the ability to think through the situation, and devise solutions helps to make the right decisions that lead to business success is the mantra.

  • Being Adventurous: Develop the risk taking abilities for your counterpart and devise your work methods to suit their requirements- tame your timelines, be a go-getter and break the regular perceptions that clout various behavioral patterns.

“At Radixweb, attuning with various cultures enhances the way we envision, the way we work and the way we execute. To flourish as successful IT outsourcing provider, augmenting cultural acumen is a must. And I am proud to say at Radix our battle-tested team has mastered the cultural differences to make outsourcing work as catalyst for customers’ growth,” says Dharmesh Acharya, COO- Radixweb.

Incredible Credibility, Transparent Communication Channels, Breaking the Ice Sessions, and Flexibility at both ends to welcome the cultural traits serve as the cherry on the top for our seamless global clientele relations.

It is that one ‘Sense’ you can Grow- Cultural Sensitivity and Co-Adaption!

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