Mastering Cultural Differences to Ensure Offshore Outsourcing Success

Mastering Cultural Differences To Ensure Offshore Outsourcing Success

Understanding Cultural Barriers is the Beginning to Avoid Miscommunication in Outsourcing Business. Not Everyone Recognize the Cultural Aspects in Offshore Outsourcing Projects and Take Efforts to Address the Resulting Differences.

Digitalization in business processes enabled us to overcome location and time zone barriers but has emerged new contests to the forefront – Cultural Differences. If we seek to know a person, we have to put ourselves in that cultural or historical background… it is not easy for a person or a business to understand the background of another country. It arouses great level of frustration because the thing which seems pretty obvious to us might not sound similar to another person. This frustration can be taken care easily when we think and understand that they are just differently conditioned.

“Same category of words, phrases, symbols, actions, colors, mean different things to people of different countries/cultural backgrounds.”

While ensuring offshore outsourcing success, businesses have to be aware of the way of life and approach of the other party. If we want to have them doing business with us, we have to use their language of mind. Some kind of emotional awareness of the people leads to long-term business relations.

“Understanding of cultural differences helps in defining strategies and approaches for doing business across the world and gain clients from each corner of the earth. Through various business trips across the world, I came to know culture makes a lot of difference while everything works smoothly,” remarks Dharmesh Acharya, COO, Radixweb.

How Radixweb Understand Cultural Differences to Make Offshore Outsourcing a Success?

Every organization and nation have different cultural value in terms of accountability, load balancing, way of interaction, way of communicating feedbacks, time management, social and business etiquette, and so on compare to others. They firmly believe in following their own culture rather than adopting others. This is the major limitation of any offshore outsourcing business.

To understand and address the cultural gap, mutually supportive cooperation between consumers and outsourcing services provider is must. For a successful business deal, it is highly essential to adopt and respect cultural norms of each other and set a long-term business relationship.

Honest and Consistent Interactions

Effective communication is one of the key barrier at the time dealing in the outsourcing market. It is a duty of service providers to meet expectations of buyer’s and cater value driven product or services to him. Serving 1000+ clients from 5 continents and 25+ countries across the globe, our experts profoundly understands the mindset of clients belongs from the various regions.

Radixweb gets into the detailed discussion about what buyer actually looking for? What is his ultimate motive? Who is his target audience? How to attract his target customers? What are the mindset and strategies of the client for particular requirements? And much more through clear and consistent interactions with the clients. Our team applies all business criteria required by clients along with its effective technical suggestions for an affordable and dynamic system development.

Cultural Awareness in Behavior

Acceptance of cultural differences requires willingness for conscious patience, intention and efforts. By following these qualities, Radixweb always gets ready to work with clients from all regions by adopting and understanding their regional culture throughout the project development life-cycle. Cultural awareness of various regions helps us in identifying which factors affect client’s requirements. And accordingly, we evolve and deliver best possible IT solution to customers.

Shifting Perspective towards Other Cultures

We open to adopting culture of our clients by shifting our personal perspectives. Rather than sticking to our prejudices and judgments, we are willing to adopt the mindset of other cultures, target audience, and regions. Radixweb respects and considers clients’ perspectives as we believe they are based on geographical, psychological, regional culture of his target audience. Thus, we build up the application that addresses end users’ needs and client’s business objectives.

Meeting Social Differences in IT Outsourcing

All countries have their own societies that drive by a particular culture set by their predecessors in ancient time. Some are individualistic while others are collectivist. Nations having the strong historical background are generally found conservative. At the time of working with Westerns regions, we work with them according to their cultural norms that are independence, initiative, uniqueness, self-determination, etc. However, when it comes to deal with Eastern nations, we apply collective efforts to fill the cultural gap.

As per the research of Geert Hofstede, cultural differences are based on five major factors that are power distance, long-term orientation, individualism, masculinity and uncertainty avoidance. Radixweb tries to satisfy its clients in best possible easy by learning all the diverse aspects detailed.

Share your IT project requirements with a trusted and authenticated IT partner like Radixweb who truly understands the requirements along with cultural aspects and cater best IT outsourcing services for your business.

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