Deeper Insights to Hire Better Software Development Company

Deeper Insights To Hire Better Software Development Company

Finding the most suited expert for your project is like searching for a needle in haystack- In an abundance of technology vendors- find the right team, for right type of project, and that too at the right time

Technology is penetrating our lives both professionally and personally. With introduction of Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other cognitive technologies, there are now plenty of applications that can help people lead a better lifestyle. For instance, technology can now be your personal assistant, healthcare guide, finance manager, physical trainer, home security, city tour guide and many more things. And with IoT, you can embed technology into anything.

On one end where technology is becoming a part of our daily lives, on other end it has been driving businesses for decades now. Both the latest industrial revolutions i.e. the third industrial revolution (Industry 3.0) and fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) were driven extensively by advancements like automation, data and digital transformation.

While there are no bounds on how you can leverage technology for good, it is important for companies to tap the true potential of smart technology to boost efficiency and productivity. All you need is a vision and software development partner to understand and craft your vision to a successful software application.

But, this is far easy said than done. Because for your vision to succeed, you would need to find the right software development company that can understand your business, goals, and possess the right capabilities to turn it into an actual technology product.

Software development is more than just writing the code for your project- navigating away from expensive mistakes and delayed ‘timelines’ is the key

While you are focussed to reach market faster, attain higher levels of customer satisfaction, and reduce your operational costs, it is important to partner with right software development company that aids in your business growth. A perfect software development outsourcing partner ticks all the boxes of your requirements. With 18+ years of experience as a leading software development company serving global customers, our insights can help you make the right decision to choose your software development outsourcing partner:

Trust a Software Development Company with Commendable Reputation

With the evolution of digital marketing, there are numerous new ways to reach the global audience that were previously unheard. Yet after all these years of digital marketing, the form of marketing that is still considered the best and most effective is the good old ‘word of mouth’. Nothing can beat a true reference from a satisfied customer. Because when satisfied customers refer any vendor, it is not because they are under any sort of obligation, it is because they genuinely believe in the work quality and they wish to help other companies who are seeking similar references.

So, the first thing you need to do is prepare the list of organizations that has the right skill sets that you require for your project. Once your list is ready, all you need to do is research on what their customers have to say about them. You should look for company reviews on open platforms like Google Reviews, Clutch and other such platforms.

There is one last thing that you must do, don’t rely on too old reviews. Always compare the timeline of the good and bad reviews with a pragmatic approach. Gather more information from people you know and narrow down your list. Make your initial set of questions ready and proceed further.

Look for an Impressive Portfolio

The best way a company can prove its worth to you is by showcasing the similar projects that they have done in the past and have managed to complete or retain the project with flying colours. So, once you have narrowed down your list based on the reputation of the organizations, prepare a detailed draft of your project requirements and start inquiring about the quotation and portfolio for the same.

Also, if the vendor software development companies do not have any NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) signed, insist on speaking to their actual clients with whom they have worked on similar project to an authenticated reference.

The reason for such a request is to ensure that the software development company that you are hiring is true to its word and not bluffing by exaggerating their portfolio. In any case, if they cannot reveal the name of the customer, you can ask for project documentation like case study of project deliverables so that you could know for sure that the organisation is true to its word (read: work).

Ensure that your hired software development company is allocating its top notch talent to your project and not a crew of new hires

Clear Communication

So, once you are clear that the software development company has the required skills, resources and infrastructure to convert your vision into an effective technology product, there is one last thing that you must do before making the final contract.

For any offshoring software development outsourcing project to be a success, timely and clear communication is the key. While it is good to be working in the same time zones, look out for partners who can efficiently manage time and cultural barriers.

Also, it is essential that you are looped in at every stage of the project and your hired software development company maintain clear communication channels. Insist on getting a written document that clarifies the communication tools that the company will use and the ways through which you will be informed about project development. Also, ensure that you have proper contact with the project manager and they use reporting tools to keep you informed about the deliverables.

Also, you must request for a pre-determined timeline of the project and the list of deliverables that you can expect at the end of each development cycle or sprint. Insist on getting the work log and demonstration of the completed development with each raised invoice. Also, get clear understanding about how the change requests will be handled and what will be ruled out of the scope.

Any software development company that looks for long term partnership will invariably follow consistent and clear communication with you.

Technology can be Intimidating- Partnerships with Radixweb are Not

While this might sound like a lot of commitment, if you are dealing with an organization like Radixweb who is a leading software development company, for us these points are considered as the implied conditions and whether you state the needs or not, walking the talk is simply our way of working.

With these above discussed points, it clearly paves a way for you to make the right decision to hire or partner with a custom software development company. Look out for experience, expertise and extra commitment for your software development outsourcing projects to make your business a roaring success- the right amalgamation is clearly imbibed in our teams. Get in touch here.

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