Happy Hours at Radixweb – Edition 3

Happy Hours At Radixweb Edition 3

Howdy! Everyone, I felt that last week went real quick. ⏩ Did you feel the same? I feel like it was just yesterday that I wrote the Edition-2, and now we’re already on the next part.

As promised in the last edition, in this post, we are going to take a look that many of us are still doing since the pandemic – WFH ( from home) 💻 Yes, the time when our comfy bedrooms became our workstations. But before that, let’s stand for diversity in our society.

Pride Month

The month of June is celebrated as Pride Month for LGBTQ empowerment and visibility. To support and stand together, Radixweb has transformed its logo into a rainbow assortment of colors 🏳🌈 (comprising one saluting the transgender flag).

Work from Home

We’ve all tried it: working remotely for a day or a week, occasionally, or even regularly for few days. We all found it to be manageable and even more productive than a typical workday.

And some perks of work from home are that you don’t have to commute, there are fewer interruptions, you can focus properly, can have your favorite snacks anytime, and best, you don’t have to dress up 👨🏻💼. Just get up from your bed, switch on your PC, and you reached your office. This has become our routine for a year and a half now.

Work from home clicks from 2020

Work From Home 2020

Work from home clicks from 2021

Work From Home 2021

Can you spot the difference? If you look closely, I’ve borrowed Bina’s computer glasses 😂. Whatever be the situations, we Radixians are always geared up to tackle any challenges that come our way. Work from home has its own benefits, as mentioned above.

But it has cons too. There are many things that we as Radixians miss a lot about our new office. From Hi-tea gossips to having lunch with your teammates, some things are only possible while you work from the office. Hence, as the situations are getting back to normal, Radixians got news of resuming the operations from the office starting with a 50% capacity. Yayy! 😃

Watch this short video where Radixians share their thoughts about what they miss the most being in office.

In this month have we have added new creative and innovative minds to the team of Radixweb. So let me first introduce you to Abhishek, no not me; you already know me , Our new team member…

Abhishek has joined Radix Family!

Abhishek Joined Radixweb

Ever since he completed graduation, Abhishek was very keen to know how businesses operated. This curiosity made him accomplish the degree of MBA and pursue a career in the business development domain.

Welcome to the team! We are sure that your enthusiasm, skills and fresh ideas will be invaluable for us! We would like to extend our warmest welcome and good wishes!

Asif and Narendra were next to join us

Asif and Narendra Joined Radixweb

It is a huge honor to have you as part of our team! Indeed, we are all thrilled to collaborate with you both. It’s fantastic to have a new member of our team who is so youthful, energetic, and bright. Welcome aboard, Asif and Narendra!

Apart from being a tech-geek, Asif likes to play outdoor games. He’s a great player of Cricket, Football. During his graduation times, he’s been recognized as the man-of-the-match for outstanding match-winning innings several times. Not only this, but he’s also good at Martial-arts 🤸🏻♂️

Talking about Narendra, he’s a great chess player. His logical reasoning skills are best, and he also likes to eat Italian and South-Indian cuisines. Narendra has sound knowledge of C# and a strong understanding of the OOP (object-oriented programming)

We didn’t know Narendra already has a friend here at Radixweb 😄

Narendra Pandey's Friend In Radixweb

Please order a designer cake this time! 🎂

Because it’s was Bina’s birthday. In order to present and promote it adequately, you’ll need a customized logo, a graphic designer’s profile, a party image that fits all social media, or, perhaps, a birthday cake will do!

Bina's Birthday

Anyone who doesn’t know or met Bina, I bet you surely must have come across her work. She’s a talented Graphics designer who designs state-of-the-art creatives, banners, feature images for our brands, and much more.

Bina leads a team of graphic designers, and the feature image of this post is also designed by her team. 😉

An Engineer celebrated his Birthday

Dilip's Birthday

Not only the lead designer but our Sr. Software Engineer – Dilip, also celebrated his birthday this week. Dilip is a passionate coder who loves to develop flawless and user-friendly applications that’s easy to navigate. He loves to go on hiking in the Himalayas and loves capturing nature’s beautiful views.

And it’s a SIX!

Chirag Completed 6 Years

Time flies, just like the cricket ball that goes out of the ground for six. Chirag is our Sr. Technical leader who handles a team of software developers who has completed stunning six years with the Radix family. His favorite hobby is cricket, and he has scored many runs in RPL (Radixweb Premier League).

So that’s it for this edition. I hope you all are having a good time reading our Happy Hours Edition – because, for me, it has become the most interesting and fun task of the week. I get to interact will peers understand their daily activity, sync up and bring out their side of stories to you.

For many such happening moments and insider stories of life at Radixweb, stay tuned for upcoming editions. See you, and stay safe 👋🏻

Till then, enjoy this amazing still from our RPL tournament 2017-18, where one of our teammate was about to hit the ball out of the ground. Even I’m eagerly waiting to showcase my cricket skills 😁.

Glimpse Of RPL 2017-18

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Abhishek is a listener who speaks less and writes more. You will find him researching stuff related to technology and custom software development. If given a choice, he will choose Pizza over anything. He’s connected with Radixweb and loves curating content and marketing campaigns. He has stage fear thus prefers “Stealth-mode” conversation.