Catch the Highlights: Spirited Euphoria at RPL Season VI

Catch The Highlights: Spirited Euphoria At RPL Season VI

Nothing beats the palpitating pressure of the final over in a nail-biting finale match in a cricket series. Does it?

On a fine wintry January morning, our audiences held their breath when the bowler went for the run-up. And Tuck… the fine sound of the willow hitting the ball and lifting it off to the Boundary and the crowds erupted in joy. This clearly defines the Finale Match of our sixth edition of Radixweb Premier League (RPL) 2017-18.

The winner of the coveted cup was decided with that boundary after 8 teams (with 2 girls team included) played in 16 matches while hitting in total 176 boundaries and 42 sixes. While the scorecard and charts progressed, so did internal team loyalties and healthy on-ground revelry.

Aide-Mémoire #RPL 2017-18 Cricket Series

Bowing reverently to our second religion- Cricket, Radixians got in action way early during the Holiday Season of 2017. We hooted out loud and lived through those sporty days of the series with swagger attitude.

It is said, “No cricket team in the world depends on one or two players. The team always plays to win”. So much like our Radix Attitude- as Cricket is not just a game, it is how we work too.

And who doesn’t love a good cricket game? At RPL, we have our squad of Series Winners to Cheer Out Loud for:

Collage of Series Winners

Our Girls with the Bat(on)- When girls play cricket, their fierce focus is to be vouched for. More power to you all!

Girls Team

In a Glimpse

Howzzat moments, team huddles and the hitting shots- Catch the entire series in a quick glance:

Kudos to the Teams off the Pitch

This cricket series would have been a little less cheer without our supportive and loyal audience and truly dedicated Admin and HR teams. With a new benchmark in employee engagement, we are certainly looking forward to the next RPL season.

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