Happy Hours at Radixweb – Edition 2

Happy Hours at Radixweb - Edition 2

Welcome back, friends! So did you watch the F.R.I.E.N.D.S Reunion? I heard (because I haven’t watched the series yet 😬) that it made everyone nostalgic.

Not only the series but every Radixians are eagerly waiting to get “REUNITED.”

Anyways this Happy Hours at Radixweb series won’t make you the same, but surely it will bring a smile to your face. Hope you read edition-1 last week because the reactions were fascinating. 😍

I assure you this edition is even more happening as…

It was our C.E.O’s Birthdayyyy!

First of all, wishing a memorable and colorful birthday to our beloved and respected CEO, Mr. Divyesh Patel (we call him DGP). You’re truly our mentor, leader, and best personality we’ve met.

I know these words will fall short of expressing how amazing you are, but we’ll give it our best go, and we are fortunate 😇 to have you as our leader.

Under your mentorship, we started believing that ‘impossible’ is the second last step before ‘success’. Here’s how he celebrated the day by proudly sitting in his new cabin..

Our CEO Mr. Divyesh Patel

I remember that day when I was sitting outside of the interview cabin for the final round, when DGP entered the floor and discussed something with management personnel. I could feel the vibe he carried, the aura he had, the professionalism, and how he communicated with the peers was something that can’t be expressed in words.

Now, as I know him and interacted several times, I can say that ¬– DGP is one of the calmest and practical leaders with futuristic visions I have come across during my corporate life.

Even Pratik marked one more year in the calendar of his life

Let’s declare the month of May as the leader’s birthday month at Radixweb 😁. Our PM (not prime minister), Pratik Mistry, VP Sales also celebrated his birthday last week.

As a person, he is very down-to-earth, always ready to help, and loves trying new cuisines and going to the movies. If you want to know more about his favorite movie or character, start the conversation on any Marvel Studios productions.

Apart from trying various cuisines, he also likes to cook them. During the lockdown the tech geek became Chef and made ‘Schezwan paneer wrap.’ 😋

Pratik Mistry Trying Hands On Cooking

In this picture, the wrap looked mouth-watering, and our team can’t wait to visit him and take a bite from his self-made delicious wrap 😜.

But when it comes to business knowledge skills, Mr. Pratik is a talented technologist with the best technical, functional, and managerial expertise. Our team and even clients love him for the approach of intuitive decision-making abilities.

He’s also a good orator when it comes to communicating ideas and vision. Explore his thoughts on Radixweb brand new office hub.

Pratik Mistry'S Thoughts On New Office

Laxman, Darshit, Vidisha and Rushil completed fantastic 5+ Years

Life at Radixweb is not a roller-coaster🎢 in which you are aware of each second. Every candidate that joins our team has a smooth journey that makes them forget how long they’ve come.

These amazing four have completed their fantastic five years at Radixweb.

Talking of Laxman, he’s the Sr. Software Engineer👨💻 fascinated by the potential that coding can do. He has helped many global businesses with his coding skills to solve their issues. Look what Laxman has to say for completing this small yet effective journey…

Coming to Rushil, he’s the Sr. Software Analyst who ensures that the code created by the developers suits the business goals. We asked Rushil about the dream work environment that he’d love; here’s what he answered:

  • Management who supports you in your difficult time.⌚
  • Fantastic working environment🌈 and flexible timings.
  • New learning concepts and implementation.
  • Work and Life Balance.⚖

Lastly, he mentioned, Radixweb has everything stated above. 💙

Rushil prajapati completed 6 years at Radixweb

Yes, it truly does, and we enjoy our work, rather than thinking of it as boring (because every job is tedious until you start taking interest and relish them).

Darshit and Vidisha Completed 5 Years

Darshit and Vidisha enjoyed sharing their five years of joy at Radixweb. Darshit is Project Coordinator for UI/UX and web design projects. He is truly instrumental in having smooth communications with clients and designers. If I talk about Vidisha, she is a PHP geek who enjoys the dev community talks and coding the complex stuff.

Well, I wish all four of them congratulations for the first five and all the best for another. BTW this talks a lot about the culture at Radixweb. The people-focused and growth-centric thought leadership rocks here.

Pheww, lots of philosophical talks. Now let’s move ahead and bring back all the flashback memories of our success.

Flashback to Drupa 2016

Oh yes, super flashback to this beauty. The victory moment to cherish for years to come. You might be wondering why we are going back to 2016; it’s the day – we completed 5 years of this amazing moment when Radixweb, Onprintshop recognized as Social Media Champions by drupa in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Drupa 2016 Flashback

Radixweb showcased its flagship product OnPrintShop – Web-to-Print Storefront, which is widely regarded as a one-stop IT solution by many large print companies worldwide. In the event, there were about 1800 exhibitors from 54 countries and over 2 60,000 visitors, indicating that drupa 2016 was a huge success for us 🤩.

Drupa 2016 Memories

Writing the series of ‘Happy Hours at Radixweb’ is becoming the best fun activity of my week. I get to know people interact with them, share thoughts, and bring them to you 😊.

I have got many amazing stories in the bucket that is yet to be shared. In my coming edition, I’ll share something that we’re doing since last year and a half.

Confused? Don’t worry; stay tuned for the next edition. 😉

Till then, enjoy the soothing and stunning twilight view of our new office 😍

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