Happy Hours at Radixweb – Edition 1

Happy Hours at Radixweb E1

Hola amigo! 😀 Welcome to the brand new series “Happy hours at Radixweb.” As we are growing at lightning speed, so many people are curious about what is inside? Like how is the culture, do we celebrate and party or kind of serious gang? Are we happy squad or tech geeks or both?

Well, all of your questions will be answered in this series, and you’ll experience the actual life at Radixweb. Where you’ll come across the Radixian’s insider stories, yes, we will share every small happening moment with you. Because we want you to know how open and creative organization Radixweb is.

From memorable life experiences to birthday celebrations, everything’s got covered in this fun little series of happy hour editions. 🍺

So let’s start with the first edition? Oh, wait, I forgot to introduce myself – Abhishek; 😁. I’m connected with Radixweb for a while and helping the brand with content and marketing campaigns.

I like to make new friends and hate sharing my Pizza. But don’t worry if you offer me a pizza treat – I can think of sharing it 😛

While we are all stuck at home, it is necessary to keep our spirits high regardless of the situation.

But what was Mayur so excited about?

His extended hand is pointing towards our astounding new office that’s named ‘EKYARTH’. It was his first visit to our brand new workspace after the government announced some relaxation from the lockdown. Mayur was super-excited to see Radixweb’s beautifully designed new corporate house, and he couldn’t repel taking a selfie with Ekyarth.

For everyone who hasn’t met Mayur Raval, he’s from our recruitment team. Just like you and me 😁, he recruits some great brains for the Radixweb creative and innovative team.

And in the middle of this, we got to know that Dipak Parekh completed stunning 5 Years at Radixweb

Dipak Parekh Completed 5 Years at Radixweb

Dipak is a Sr. Project Lead of the .NET team. His teammates love him for solving critical software bugs in the most efficient way, his friendly nature, and cracking not-so-funny jokes. 😂 He’s a big fan of cricket and has scored many centuries during his graduation days.

Anil added one more year in his age

Anil Godhani's Birthday

Anil, today is the oldest you have been but youngest when it comes to indoor gardening and archery skills. Anil is a super cool project manager and very fond of growing plants in his home-garden area ☘. Also, he has achieved many awards in different archery competitions. 🏹

Here’s my message to Anil, Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake. So please send us the delicious cakes and pastries at our doorsteps – as your own loving nature is commanding you. 😜

#Tauktae view from Radixweb’s New Office

Then Anil’s loving nature got a bit upset! 😒 A cyclone named Tauktae (taoouk-taeee) got us rolling with the wind blowing up to 160km/h (100mph) 🌪.

One of the Radixians took the video from our huge open cafeteria (the best place to chill in our new infrastructure). Check it out here:

BTW our new office is so stunning that even the cyclone couldn’t resist taking a ‘sneak-peek’.

Maitray shared his 9 years journey at Radixweb on LinkedIn

We didn’t know that time run this fast. I feel like it was just a few days back when I first saw you entering the office with a light-blue shirt and formal pants.

To the people who are new joiners, you have to meet this friendly and enthused soul, asap.

Here’s a glimpse of what Maitray said for completing the milestone of 9 years at Radixweb.

“Celebrating nine years of Dynamism, I would like to extend a heartfelt ‘thank you to every #Radixian.

Aided in day-to-day operations by the prolific leadership of Pratik Mistry (VP of Sales), Dharmesh Acharya (COO), Varixkumar Patel(Head – Delivery and Operations), my tenure at Radixweb so far has been a daily dose of inspiration, creativity,no-box thinking, and active mentorship”

Maitray is a big-foodie just like me 😉– whenever he’s done closing a deal with the client, I get a ping from him on MS-Teams that says …

“Hey, let’s go to the 6th floor (our cafeteria) I’m super hungry.” 🍔

Pizza at Radixweb's New Office Cafeteria

And then we order some sandwiches, Maggie ,cold coffee, and his favorite cheese Pizza. The ordering of food keeps on changing according to his mood, which mainly depends on how challenging it was to close a project on that day.

So, that was our first ever ‘Happy Hour Edition’. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Now you know the culture we’ve inside our office, it’s fun, vibrant, and jovial. Read more about Radixweb’s work culture.

If you want to experience this kind of culture at a workplace – then join our awesome team.

I’ll make sure to update you with the latest happenings at Radixweb every week. Stay tuned for our next edition to find what Radixians are upto.. Till then, Adiós! Take care.

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Abhishek is a listener who speaks less and writes more. You will find him researching stuff related to technology and custom software development. If given a choice, he will choose Pizza over anything. He’s connected with Radixweb and loves curating content and marketing campaigns. He has stage fear thus prefers “Stealth-mode” conversation.