“An Infrastructural Gem That Inspires To Perform…” Pratik Mistry on Radixweb’s New Hub

Pratik Mistry Reveals the Deets about New Office

For two decades now, Radixweb has been a global market leader in the field of advanced technical solutions and has catered to clients belonging to various mise-en-scène. The brand has emerged as an institution for catering advanced custom software solutions or several industry niches and has always upheld its stature of being the key driver for designing innovative solutions.

Recently, the firm has come up with an infrastructural brilliance in the form of a world-class corporate office that is plugged in with neo-modern amenities and has the promise of delivering complex business solutions with a punch of its quintessential excellence.

Based in the upmarket area of Malabar County Road in Ahmedabad, Radixweb’s new house exudes an unmatchable posh prowess. Ekyarth, as they have named it, they say, is a renewed promise from Radixweb to continue delivering high-value efficiency and quality in complex business solutions. Ekyarth is believed to be crucial to the brand’s administration capabilities in the face of volatile financial conditions. Through this tech-rich new space, Radixweb aims to help their clients realize the value of a rapid business and digital transformation, upscaling, and the necessity of creating a value-based advanced software environment.

The VP – Sales of Radixweb, Pratik Mistry takes pride in the firm’s new infrastructural setup and says that it instills in him a sense of belonging, one that reverberates in all of his colleagues. Here’s an excerpt of the conversation:

Q: How is Ekyarth, the new corporate office, different from a regular workplace?

PM: It is evident that in-depth thought has been given to designing the smallest nook and corners of the office. Unlike a typical software house with a bunch of workstations and cabins all over, Ekyarth provides for a lot more that is required for a productive working environment. Beyond the cafeteria and the recreation areas, the office has several brainstorming areas, casual hangouts zones, calling pods, stand-up meeting rooms, board-rooms, and many more common spaces for teams to collaborate and engage with co-workers. Infrastructure-wise, no corners are excluded while providing for aspects like health & safety, physical security, communications, power and connectivity backups, etc.

Q: What are Ekyarth’s key infrastructural aspects?

PM: The most important aspect of any good workspace is that it should inspire you to perform. There should be a balance between having that personal space where you can get into your zen mode and focus on your work, and at the same time, you can interact with other co-workers at ease. Ekyarth’s workplace design follows the open-office concepts at its best. Moreover, the effective use of natural light along with eye-soothing colors gives you all the positive and creative vibes required to be at your best.

Q: How do Ekyarth’s modern amenities help in complex project delivery?

PM: Every employee is connected to the office wifi all the time – having access to all required information at a click of a button whether he/she is at their work station or sitting in the cafeteria. Also, all the meeting rooms are equipped with high-end touch screen devices where one can plugin and get going with their meetings in a jiffy. Ergonomic chairs and height-adjustable desk helps our techies stretch long hours without any physical stress.

Q: What positive changes do you expect the new corporate office to bring into Team Radixweb?

PM: I have spent over 14 years at Radix and seen it growing from a team of 60 to 500. Even for me, it seemed to be a big leap when I stepped into the new office. In my role, I often have to interact with the C-Suite decision-makers and owners of multi-million-dollar companies. When I see myself working in this office, it gives me a sense of pride and respect, adding to the confidence with which I speak with my customers. I am sure every Radixian might be having a similar feeling when they get a chance to say – “I work at Radixweb”.

Radixweb’s growing infrastructural prowess is a testament to the fact that the brand is soaring high with new expansion plans and aims to capitalize riding the waves of change – one that brings in high-value and long-term professional relationships, instills the value of digital transformation drives and propels intelligent business procedures to support emerging technology and tools.

We are continually growing and I am proud of the journey. Constantly getting recognized as one of the top software development company or getting awarded as one of the top software outsourcing or offshore development company is a matter of huge pride and testament of our excellence to the Radixweb community. We strive to be one of the most valuable team additions to any enterprise we work with world wide. All the existing or new talents who join us, are prepped with a similar perception to develop a massive success story and not just the software. Our new office is just the one of the milestones in our ever growing scale of development. More to go! Connect with us for any challenging technology development requirement and let’s build something extraordinary for your team too.

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Pratik Mistry is a rare mix of technologist and vice president of sales at Radixweb. His passion lies is in helping companies to grow revenues by delivering top notch software development services and build value-based partnerships. When not driving high-impact go to market strategies, Pratik loves to try new cuisines and going to the movies.