A Tour of Radixweb’s Brand New Office – Ekyarth

Tour Of Radixweb's Brand New Office

Software is emotionless. But the one that creates it, is otherwise.

While we strive to provide end-to-end integrations and top-notch software development services continuously, we didn’t want to forget the real hardworking team – that’s jam-packed with emotions. The army of creative and innovative minds stands for something that makes a difference.

Thus, Radixweb’s new office (Ekyarth) is designed to reflect the plethora of learning opportunities, excellent work culture uplifting the efficiency level of each Radixians.

We wanted our new office to reflect our culture and sensibilities. Ekyarth speaks visually of our journey onwards and upwards- from a team of ten’s in the year 2000 to leading software development and outsourcing expert today – Divyesh Patel, CEO

Built with Concept of Minimalism

Concept of Minimalism

Clean lines, reductive, uncluttered, monochromatic, simplicity, and “less is more” are just a few of the terms and concepts that come to mind when thinking about minimalism.

Just like our process and the way we work, our infrastructure is planned with ‘Minimalist architecture’ – simple, limited, yet elegant!

Our architecture personnel has put immense effort into creating a perfect balance between interior and exterior space. Everything is designed by keeping the minimalist approach and natural finishes like pops of color, wood, stone, and geometrical shapes.

Radixweb’s new office minimalist architecture strives to condense content while also streamlining form and structure; it has its attractive language. Minimalist architecture entails the use of reductive design elements that are devoid of ornamentation or decoration.

Hence when you visit our office, you’d hardly find any decorable items – as the structure itself is decorous.

Floors of Thoughts

Each floor of our new corporate house has a unique theme-based interior. Branding elements in the lobby or inside the work area are based on the particular floor theme.

  • First Floor: This floor is all about Radixweb’s multiple brands associated and subsidiaries. You’ll find every branding design and logo related to every brand that Radixweb stands for.
  • Second Floor: The reason for our true success is themed here on the second floor – Values. Whether it’s excellence, leadership, quality, creativity, flexibility, consistency, or transparency – every design or branding element is based on Radixweb’s rich values.
  • Third Floor: Culture is something that encircles the time at work. Thus we’ve dedicated the theme of the third floor to our company culture. Its different, innovative, flexible, exceptional, and trustworthy.

Floors with unique theme-based interior

  • Fourth Floor: We have themed this floor to our committed, adaptable, honest, focused, hardworking, and, yes, joyful people of Radixweb.
  • Fifth Floor: Well, let’s keep the theme of this floor suspense for all the readers – this space can only be explored once you visit the office physically.
  • Sixth Floor: This floor didn’t require any theme – as the environment itself is vibrant. Radixians share their favorite foods, gossip, and jokes, making the sixth floor the most happening one.

The Entrance

New Office Entrance

Entering our premises, you will be directed to our expansive reception area, which exudes warmth and hospitality. The minimalist designs, with plush rugs and comfy sofas, speak volumes about our taste and make our visitors feel at ease. They say that first impressions last the longest, and we went to great lengths to create one.

Radixweb’s new office is all set to make an excellent first impression by providing a safe, comfortable, and welcoming reception area.

The Interiors

The Interiors Of New Office

Acoustic calling zones are a beautiful and functional way to communicate with clients worldwide. With laminated safety glass and graffiti-designed interior walls for optimal look and feel. This office furniture provides sheer comfort, space, and legroom for all-day working.

To break up the monotony, we included paintings and artifacts with a strong Indian connection. We’ve put personalized canvases with strong messages that resemble the work we do.

The Work Floors

Energetic work floors

The work floors are the life of Radixweb’s infrastructure and the heart of our innovation drives, so we made sure our teams felt at ease where they spent most of their time. An ergonomic seating arrangement allows our employees to be comfortable and flexible throughout the day. The workstations are outfitted with cutting-edge technology and competent systems that maximize the success of your technological solutions.

We have designed each corner and space, keeping our team’s day-long comfort while working. From meeting rooms for 10’s for a shorter duration to big meeting spaces for 100’s – everything is possible with our design flexible infrastructure.

Life at Radixweb is all about endless fun with a mix of guiding mentors, friendly colleagues, and a vibrant working environment.

Top Highlighting Features

Top Highlighting Features Of New Office

Radixweb new office (Ekyarth) as a whole is sumptuous, although here are few of the prominent attribute that makes our building the best.

  • Smartly designed 75000 sq. ft space with natural lighting
  • High-end workstations for 700+ talented minds
  • Comforting seats with head, arms rest for greater flexibility
  • Top-class data security and backup systems
  • Advanced meeting and conference rooms for smooth communications
  • Scalable network architecture to manage server loads
  • Refreshing zones designed to boost productivity
  • All-day power availability for uninterrupted services
  • Huge parking space for the security of vehicles

Safe, Secure, and Connected

We want our clients to know that your security is our priority. Thus since our inception in 2000, we’ve put immense efforts into ensuring data security. Our new corporate house has built robust security systems into every level for your seamless business communication and process.

Our infrastructure is designed to foster innovation through cutting-edge software and advanced systems. People-centric spaces that are safe, secure, and power-backed – with top-notch facilities, providing our business clients with top-tier team performance, deliverables, and uninterrupted software development processes.

Safe and Secure Workstation

To stay secured and connected 24*7 here are some of the industry best amenities that Radixweb’s new office is equipped with:

  • Matrix security system
  • Uninterruptible power supply – UPS
  • Redundant fiber connections for high-speed bandwidth
  • Electric panel room with the secured network
  • Gigabit Ethernet and fiber optics
  • Dedicated cloud servers
  • Industry best firewall and anti-virus
  • HyperV, Openstack, Citrix for virtualization

The Conference Room

Our modernized conference rooms with reconfigurable training tables and wall-mounted large monitors with in-built cameras, projectors are ideal for video conferencing or team collaboration. Meetings can be quickly organized in a secure location, with attendees seated around an easy access table, allowing them to concentrate on the tasks at hand.

The main goal in designing new office of Radixweb was to provide the most up-to-date amenities for Radixians. From best-in-class desk setups to fully-equipped meeting rooms, we have it all – Dharmesh Acharya, COO

Read more about our COO Dharmesh Acharya’s thoughts on new office.

The Relaxation Spaces

Creative minds need a break from hours of coding, thus to freshen up and ease work tensions, we have relaxation areas, an upcoming gym, and a gaming room. Radixians can anytime take a pause from their work and enjoy their favorite game or relax their muscle by lifting weights.

Cretive relaxation areas

To portray our feelings and state of mind in our digitization world, the language of emoticons or emojis has drastically increased. We know happy, funny, humorous quotes or visuals attract good vibes. Hence in our side-walls of refreshments zone, you will see creative and humorous visuals with comical messages – that fine-tunes the mood of every Radixians.

We’ve seen that productivity boosts when individuals do a different activity like playing games or just taking a quick power nap. Therefore these cool refreshment zones are designed in a manner that quickly freshens up our creative brains.

Nifty Nomenclature

With so many different meetings, training, conference or discussion rooms, and work areas, it was essential to give each space, room a unique name. It helps our team members identify every room quickly when anyone summons.

We decided to give the names of precious ‘Gemstones’ to each of the workroom or space. Here are a few of the quirky terms that Radixians use for board, training, or conference rooms:

  • Zircon – Board Room
  • Nalanda – Training zone
  • Jade – Conference area
  • Topaz – Conference area
  • Onyx – Discussion room
  • Jasper – Conference space

Apart from the conference, board, or training rooms, our workstations have small and cool spaces where Radixians can take prolonged client calls without disturbing their peers. This space allows clients and our team members to take calls in a quiet environment ensuring smooth and noiseless communication.

Rooms with Funky Names

We’ve given the funky yet techy names for all these types of space – as that calling zone is on the work floor itself. Here are the techie terms that our creative minds have given:

  • RoboX
  • Innom
  • GeekyX
  • Moden
  • Invent-O
  • SysHub
  • Sci-tech

The Cafeteria

Lip-smacking snacks and refreshments at the cafeteria is definitely the show stopper. A huge open space with a breath-taking view from the top absorbs all the fatigue and stress with a snap.

We prioritize hygiene conditions in our kitchen; thus, a professional team of caterers manages our foodie’s delight with utmost precision. Good food to boost Radixian’s morale at work!

New Office Cafeteria

Our new office infrastructure gives us unrestricted freedom to grow and carve out a career path in a company with limitless opportunities. We nurture and encourage Radixians to learn, share, and excel by being passionate about our customers’ success and remaining ethical in the most difficult of circumstances.

When our team was small, the company relied heavily on its workforces, who took many responsibilities. With a growing team, the office space has become increasingly important for igniting people’s artistic talents and encouraging productivity.

If you’re a business and need help with software developments, let’s shake hands, and if you’re a skilled individual looking to build a promising career, check out our current openings!

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Sarrah Pitaliya is a senior digital marketing manager at Radixweb to precisely navigate strategy for growth, build marketing capabilities, align the organization around customer experience and mentor teams about new digital, social, mobile channels and customer opportunities. Apart from work, she is a fitness freak and coffee connoisseur.