A New Leap to Foster Expansion – Our Snug New Corporate Office

Dharmesh Acharya's Afterthought about Radixweb’s New Office

You can either be a Miranda Priestly or a Jules Ostin, and there’s no in-between.

Let me spill a top guy’s secret. Many of us in the C suites spend sleepless nights thinking about what our employees might be thinking about us! But while we shoulder the responsibilities of maximizing profits and optimizing productivity through innovative processes, becoming the employee’s favorite often gets lost as an afterthought.

But as it happens, there’s no shortcut to becoming the favorite boss when you sit in the guarded cabins throughout the day. Your employees will be mostly drawn to the people managers with whom they work closely and have a more personal relationship. See, being a higherup often comes with a perception – one that you might not be approachable! Although you can break down the silos by being more involved in the informal proceedings of your office, the real game changer could be something else.

In my case, I found myself thinking about finding an extra mile to walk for our awesome employees! Being a part of a 20-year-old team, most of our work force, whom I like to call ‘colleagues’ have an immense emotional attachment to our brand – something they pass on to every new comer. And as their COO, I wanted to give them something more than just professional achievements and labels that they could be proud of.

Also, our teams were growing by leaps and bounds every day as we set our foot to several new overseas locations. Not only did we need a cool pad for our tech geeks, we also needed to ramp up our technology tools to support high-end project delivery. Hence, we decided to build a new corporate office – suave in style and aesthetics, something that would speak of our work ethics and values.

The first step towards building this dream hub was choosing the right location. Now, like most firms prefer a centralized location within the city, our CEO wanted to whizz us away from the concrete conundrum. He wanted this new office amidst a patch of greenery that would soothe the minds of our young techies if they ever felt psychologically exhausted. At the same time, we needed to pick a place that was convenient for travel since a lot of our teammates use public transportation. We soon found a spot of our choice at Malabar County Road where our new hub stands with pride now. A sprawling six floor building with 75000 sq. ft space to accommodate our ever-growing strength and their tech requirements.

Here’s a sneak peek into how our new corporate office looks!

From the very beginning, we were very sure of how we wanted our new pad to look like…well, maybe we didn’t envision the entire structure at once, but we sure wanted it to reflect a sense of minimalism in terms of aesthetics. So, you look at the building from far and what you see is an opulence of style but a sheer minimalist approach to guarantee zero wastage. And once you step in, you will be led to this suave reception where all of our visitor’s land. I will not be boasting when I say this, the reception is one of our first chances at making you feel comfortable at our space, and we have done it well with plush seating arrangements and discreet décor that will catch your eye.

Since the motto of this new space was to build the workplace that our employees deserve, a lot of thought went into designing their workstations. Our building has the capacity to house 650+ employees with more than 700 modern workstations with dual monitor set up. The work floors have been designed in a way that they support ergonomic seating for our techies. It was important that we combined our tech expertise with world-class infrastructures to boost complex project delivery and help our clients reach their best business potential – thus, we integrated highly configured processors, robust firewall and top-rated hardware devices in our daily processes. These amenities foster our availability over a number of emerging communication tools to help us hold up our name in terms of transparent communication with our clients. Apart from this, Ekyarth (the name for our new cool pad) is also equipped with modern network and security systems for uninterrupted power supply and data backup. Our extremely secured servers guarantee that the client data stays protected with only the authorized members of the team.

We have made spectacles of our brainstorming areas in particular. Because Radixweb is a global name in the field of software development outsourcing, most of our client meeting are virtual. We realized that our teams needed that extra support to facilitate long virtual meets and effective communication with overseas clients in order to uphold our unrivaled business culture . That’s when we plugged in state-of-art facilities into the meeting rooms that propel virtual meetings without a glitch. Also, our standing meeting rooms for internal team meetings are one spaces that can wow you!

P.S.: Look out for the quirky names we have for our conference rooms!

As the hierarchal tops, we wanted our teammates to have a complete ‘workaction’ (if that is even a word!) vibe at our new space. And we know our team loves good food. It was inevitable that we gift them a large pantry that serves lip-smacking delicacies to fill their tummies in between rigorous coding sessions. And viola, we have a well-decorated pantry space that can house 250+ people at a go and serves extremely hygienic food. We don’t want our teams to fall sick…psst!

You know there are days when the techie life gets hard on your existence…and while you are at work, you can’t help but wonder if you had a moment to relax your sore muscles or may be stimulate your mind with some healthy distraction! We heard that silent thought and decided to build a relaxation area for our employees. Although this is a common concept in the west, most Indian offices are still waiting to catch up to the idea of work and play. While talking to our teams, we realized that most are fitness and gaming enthusiasts and do not get ample time in a day to do as they please! That’s when we decided to bring in a gym room with all modern tools and even a gaming room! (Say your wow here!) While these are still underway, it’s only a matter of sometime that these spots become the new favorites for the team!

Leaving all jokes aside, I think as members of the C-suite, it is one of most important duties to look beyond the regular work processes and think about employee experience. The world is moving at a fast pace and business dynamics are changing every day. But in our two decades long journey, we have realized that the employees are our biggest assets. Their faith is us and their hard work makes us soar through complex challenges of the tech world. And before everything, Radixweb aims to stand up tall as a people-focused community.

As an afterthought, I do not know if my humble efforts make me the team’s favorite and maybe I’ll spend some more sleepless nights on it. But what gives me peace is that some of our efforts have proven to be beneficial to our teams and when they walk into Ekyarth, they wear a smile of pride – which makes me think, that a little fear is okay, it will only propel us leaders to push ourselves more, think more intensely about the requirements of the team and make us a more closely knit family.

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Dharmesh Acharya spearheads global operations at Radixweb as its COO and leverages his creative vision to design brilliant tech-powered solutions. His visionary mindset and exceptional leadership qualities have been a phenomenal drive for making Radixweb the most sought-after Software Development Outsourcing Company. His brainchild, onprintshop – a w2p solutions has revolutionized the print industry. Apart from driving technology innovations, golfing holds his fancy.