Custom Software Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

Custom Software Development Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

As new minds with unique ideas get involved in an industry, trends change. So is the case with software development trends. The entire demand and supply cycle that the software development outsourcing industry witnesses each day only pushes for newer developments and trends to foster. More so, with the introduction of technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, and more which have made their way in every industry in some way or the other, be it finance or automobile.

As the world of technology paves ahead, it is necessary that one is aware of the upcoming software development trends not just to imply those innovations in businesses and grow them, but most importantly, to monetize the market and establish a monopoly. At times like such, it is also crucial to have a custom software development company by your side to make space to accommodate the new changes in your sector. Software development outsourcing is the need of the hour and for good reasons, for it is difficult for businesses to cope with the tending changes, something a seasoned team of experts can help you with to meet rising expectations of your consumers.

As we move ahead in the year 2019, let’s take a look into a few custom software development trends that can help you identify the pulse of your audience through technology:

Artificial Intelligence

There’s no denying that adopting to Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a necessity. One of the key drivers of digital transformation, it plays a crucial role in getting better results on every front. Many enterprises have already adopted Artificial Intelligence to automate their processes to make business cost-effective. Now more organizations are looking for partnering with custom software development companies to help them develop frameworks to execute many more tasks every day.

AI is a software development trend that has an incredible impact on the market and is here to stay. As its penetration increases, the technology will undoubtedly reap high end benefits for sectors such as transportation, education, healthcare, education, to name a few. Both AI and ML-led solutions have been successfully influencing big data, smartphones, voice initiated virtual assistants, etc. helping companies manage a number of operations and functionalities efficiently with speed and accuracy that is incomparable with that of human efficiency. They not only change the value proposition of a business but also drive the customer’s experience digitally, making it enriching.

The best part is that as software development outsourcing picks up momentum, getting professional services will be quick and affordable.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Another software development trend that is gaining popularity is the Internet of Things that is enabling data to be processed faster and at cheaper rates.

Data generators are omnipresent. From the kind of dress, you wear to the way you drive your car, the data that is collected and processed to further refine the future services that you would receive. This is also where edge computing finds its place, all set to enact an even greater role as we move ahead. Edge computing in simpler terms is the data that is processed at a network’s edge, and not at the heart of it, with the help of micro-data centers. It helps provide a better output by performing real-time analysis at a faster rate.

When IoT devices are used to analyze data at a closer level it not only reduces the internet load but also leads to minimal inactivity, while improvising security and privacy. Not to forget that the data management costs are lower with the use of IoT technology.


Blockchain is one of those software development trends that is rapidly gaining grounds with giant tech companies as well as small businesses.

In simpler words, blockchain is essentially a distributed ledger technology of peer-to-peer network of various interconnected computers that store data or information that cannot be easily modified or stolen by removing the requirement of central entities. It eliminates the requirement of expensive intermediaries and allows in no time the authentication of various large-scale transactions. It eventually simplifies the coordination and validation efforts by limiting transactions to only a single ledger that both parties have access to. Hence, also cost effective.

Today, be it for software development outsourcing or building an in-house team, tech giants are investing in blockchain-powered projects to further foster the technology.

Businesses are expected to create $3.1T in core business value by 2030 – Gartner

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps are websites that have all the features of a traditional mobile app, including the functionalities and capabilities, but exhibit an appearance of native mobile apps. A mix between regular web application and mobile app, this software development trend is on the rise as a progressive web app is easier to develop and maintain than regular mobile apps.

A browser, separate from the web page, runs a script in the background which is also called the Service Worker. This script is a crucial part of every progressive web app. It enables smart caching, offline functionality to visited sites, push notifications, background updating, and many other important features. This also helps the site to load faster after the first visit, even when the networking is not. Moreover, progressive web apps give a seamless experience to the users across mobiles, tablets and desktops each time without generating any kind of friction. This can be applied across various industry domains, such as health care, banking and finance, travel, e-commerce, and media to not only enhance user engagement but also to increase conversions.

Cyber Security

Amidst all software development trends, protecting data leakage and loss remains a matter of concern for every cybersecurity professional and every industry. This is followed by threats to data privacy and breaches of confidentiality, encouraging companies to seek help from the software development industry. Although the continuous vigilance is exhausting, cybersecurity setups are being developed to understand the potential exposure and to protect all vulnerabilities by taking extra measures for not just internal, but external security too. Effective penetration testing too is gradually becoming the standard of a software development project to assist in strengthening cybersecurity.

With very little to almost no idea on how to protect a company’s critical information, cyber security is also opening up newer avenues for custom software development companies.

We are in an environment that is changing at the blink of an eye and growing equally fast. It is therefore crucial for every industry to stay up to date with software development trends to stay ahead of the competition. As the trends bringing in innovation software development outsourcing will bring in demand for talent that is acquainted with the latest in the market. It is a good time for both the software development industry and business to join hands and make their mark!

Turn the tide this year by reaching out to us and our technocrats help you imbibe everything that new and hot in your industry today. Talk now!

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