Why Prefer Custom Software Development over Packaged Solutions for Your Business?

Why Prefer Custom Software Development Over Packaged Solutions For Your Business?

Any type of business software, be it a bespoke solution from a custom software development company or an off-the-shelf application, can fulfill the basic need of your business – the need for automation. Once you install and start using an enterprise software, you address a number of existing concerns and operation deficiencies:

  • Freedom from cumbersome and error-prone manual processes and paperwork
  • Better data management, analysis and reporting to reduce workplace disorganization
  • Increased employee efficiency and improved customer experience
  • Enhanced communication and collaboration among different departments
  • Efficient utilization of business resources and cutting down the overall costs
  • Improved business decision-making based on quick and accurate analysis

However, the glitches might soon begin to surface if you are using a packaged software solution designed to follow the one-size-fits-all approach. Unfortunately, many business enterprises fail to anticipate these troubles and are inclined towards the ‘most popular’ solutions available in the market simply to follow the pack.

It is especially true for the small and medium businesses that are reluctant to make investments in custom software development services and often come out with arguments that their needs are too limited to demand a tailor-made solution. The fact, however, is that a customized solution can accomplish the aforementioned benefits much more conveniently and can, at the same time, take care of the glitches that are quite probable to surface. Let’s delve deeper to understand how.

Key Reasons to Prefer Custom Software Development for Your Company

Software that Targets Your Specific Needs

Above and beyond the talks of belonging to a specific niche or industry, you know that your business is unique with specific needs, customers, work culture and above all, a desire to be competitive in the market. When you consult a custom software development company with these individual needs in mind, they would further research and identify how to take care of your digital transformation journey in the most optimized manner.

On the contrary, you can rarely settle down on an off-the-shelf solution that meets all the desired needs of your business. With a custom software, your business gains the new confidence of growing using a solution designed specifically for it.

Searching Trying and Testing is Not Worth Your Time

As you go out in the market for a suitable software for your business, you might end up entering a never-ending loop of search-try-test-repeat. The result would be even more tragic if you fail to find the right one even after putting in so many efforts. Imagine how much it would cost you in terms of time you waste and delays you cause to your business automation and growth.

With a custom software development company, you just need to elaborate on what you expect and they would take care of the rest. In the end, you would receive just the software you needed without any searches, trials and tests- that’s designed perfectly to the T.

Scale It as and When Required

A major roadblock in effectively using a packaged software is that it can’t be scaled according to your needs. You will have to wait for the software development company behind it to release new versions and upgrades. Also, the upgrades might not bring in the features you desire to have for your business.

A customized software designed only for your enterprise deals with this issue effectively. At the start-up stage of your business, you can get a software developed with limited features and functionality. Interestingly, the software can grow simultaneously as your business size and needs scale. So, it would prove to be a perfect fit for your enterprise.

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Good for Enterprises with Multiple Offices

If you own a business enterprise which has offices and branches in different countries or regions, it may become impractical to accomplish synchronized collaboration with off-the-shelf solutions. It may be difficult and complicated to access information, update data and communicate effectively using one such software. The chances are that the software you use at one branch might not get available at other due to various circumstances like geopolitical and language barriers.

When opting for a tailored solution, you can convey this requirement to the custom software development company in advance. They would ensure that various regional barriers and variations are taken into account while delivering the right solution to you.

Get One Software for Different Business Processes

A business enterprise might need a software application for a variety of tasks that include customer management, office management, finance management and more. For this, it might have to turn to different vendors offering individual solutions for each of these processes and tasks. So, the enterprise ends up making things complex with different software running on the premises.

Rather than adjusting with this situation, you can consult an expert customized software development company that may incorporate different features in one package to reduce the complexity. It means you might have a software customized to meet different enterprise tasks seamlessly.

Integration Becomes Simple and Streamlined

Integrating an absolutely alien business software to your existing enterprise infrastructure can be annoying and the end results might not show up as desired. This is because the software you choose might be developed based on different technologies, architectures and methodologies that might not support your existing hardware and other resources.

The solution for this is again a custom-made software. The custom software development company you choose would keep in mind your current IT infrastructure while rendering a compatible solution that would be implemented and integrated into your enterprise’s ecosystem effortlessly.

Achieving Compliance is Important

Whenever you choose to use a business software, you have to strictly ensure that it complies with norms and standards that are specific to your business or to the niche or industry your business belongs to. Not paying attention to this very important pre-requisite might lead to serious deviations and conflicts that might be difficult to resolve at a later stage.

The companies offering custom software development services are fully aware of this and they take care to fulfill this requirement to the best of their knowledge. Apart from complying with the enterprise and industry-specific standards, these companies also develop solutions that adhere to the legal, geographical and government-related policies and regulations.

Custom Software Solutions Are More Secure

It is easy to understand. Hackers and others with bad intentions usually target software systems that are being used by a bunch of companies. So, when these cyber criminals have commercial software solutions to target, they would show little interest in targeting a custom software designed exclusively for your enterprise.

Moreover, these tailored solutions developed from scratch are indeed difficult to infiltrate. The risks are further lowered if you choose an expert custom software development company that maintains a good record of secure development. They know how to add extra layers of security through encryption and other measures that would be deployed specifically catering to the needs of your business and the cover of security it requires.

Get a Dedicated Support Rather than Dependence

When you purchase or subscribe to a packaged software, you opt for depending fully on the company or team which develops it. In other words, you won’t have any say or control in the prices set for the software’s future versions. Also, you will have to abide by the terms and conditions that they set and it may lead to restricted usage of the software.

On the other hand, you have more control and get personalized and unlimited support from the team of customized software development company you choose for the task. The maintenance of the software too would be extremely simpler as you will have a dedicated team to work at your will. You won’t have to worry about renewing licenses or upgrading hardware or software to ensure the smooth functioning of the business software.

Custom Means Cost-effective

Many business owners simply reject the idea of getting a custom software developer for their enterprises simply considering it as a big or unnecessary investment. However, the benefits mentioned above are enough to prove that it is definitely not a needless requirement. Moreover, it may prove to be a smart investment in the long run as it begins to reap the benefits.

For example, you can save the costs of switching from one software to another. Also, you may have to pay hefty monthly or yearly subscription fees to use an off-the-shelf solution. What if you are forced to pay for the features of one such software that you really don’t need? A custom software development company would develop a real customized solution with only the required features so that you spend unnecessarily.

It is worth mentioning that custom software application development services is a prospering segment of the overall software development industry and it is gaining importance at the global level. Enterprises, small, medium and large, as well as the startups, are showing no hesitation in allocating budgets towards it. It is the right time that rather than bowing down to the rigidity of the packaged solutions, you hire a custom software development company and empower your business with its own innovative solution.

Saved Best for the Last- Faster time to market

The need for speed is universal. Businesses have to leverage the competitive advantage and your custom software development team can be of vital in this race. You can actually dictate your timelines and efforts.

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