IT Outsourcing Cost: All Worth or No Glory

IT Outsourcing Cost: All Worth Or No Glory

To Outsource or not to Outsource is governed by a key question- Cost? Not Any More

With the dawn of 2018, we are experiencing normalcy in the chaotic economic and political situations caused by Brexit vote and USA elections in the past years. Fears are diminishing and a strong economic growth is expected in many countries. Does it herald any happy news for tech spending? A Roaring Yes!

As per Forrester, tech spending is set to improve with increased focus on business technologies. It is estimated that tech growth will peak in this year at 5.1% and reach $3 Trillion. Companies are rigorously focusing on their customers- Why is it new? You are thinking customers have always ruled. Well, this time the difference is that customers are the new market-makers and technology is changing the very game of how businesses compete and win.

To ace, businesses need to untangle the Gordian knot of- IT Outsourcing cost.

There is No Glory in Outsourcing, if it’s Not Worth the Costs

For decades- low cost labor, improved quality of products or services and innovation have been the trends driving the ‘Outsourcing industry’. The process of delegating a company’s business process to third party vendors or technology companies, ‘outsourcing’ has emerged as a chameleon trend. It can mold and adapt well to any customer-vendor requirement.

And, IT Outsourcing has cut significant costs for industries, indisputably.

The catch here is: There are numerous technology partners sprouting up every day; to find the right ‘IT Outsourcing Partner’ to suit your business needs is a hard nut to crack.

Actual Cost of Outsourcing

To explore the cost of outsourcing in its totality, you need to know the factors that add up on the invoices. Many a time, you might end up investing more than the original plan as poor processes, cultural differences and productivity can eat up substantial estimations.

The actual cost is always more than just the money you spend- understand on what it is based on:

  • Vendor Selection: It all starts and ends here. For any outsourced service, the selection of the provider can prove disastrous or definitive. Right from the word ‘go’ to outsource, analyzing RFPs with due diligence, evaluating responses and discussing contracts incur costs. Even if you have successful existent partnerships, to leverage best capabilities from the market- vendor selection is a must.
  • Travel: Many a time, travel expenses add up as CIOs want to understand the bigger picture in a better way. Travel to vendor location serves as a critical due-diligence step in inking the deal as it helps CIOs get more comfortable with their selection. However, management coordination and travel to a distant vendor require time, efforts and costs.
  • Cultural Differences: Half a world away, a yes doesn’t necessarily mean ‘Yes’. One of the graveyard situations for vendors and partners are cultural differences. Communication gap, time zone differences, language and behavioral traits impact the overall cost of outsourcing. It is important to choose a partner who not only understands, but imbibes your country culture and does business- the way you do. With absence of proximity and communication overheads, costs are affected.
  • Selection of Outsourcing Model: Costs are based on your chosen business model. It is important to understand in-detail various models and choose what best suits the business requirements. Most organizations develop a formalized, effective and efficient process to enable best value selection- which is not lowest cost model. However, others just rush to select the minimum cost model. And is it always the best value selection? Hardly.
  • Time: Different situations merit different time durations and actual work hours for the entire product or service lifecycle is crucial to costs. There is no one-time frame suiting to all outsourcing relationships- Extra hours raise costs.
  • Relationship Management: To maintain a significant offshore relationship requires significant efforts in invoicing, audits, validating cost centers and timesheets. You might require a resource to ensure projects move forward, analyze various proposals against RFPs, and validate plan vs. actual efforts for payments.
  • Knowledge and Skill Set Transfer: Outsourcing is no longer just about replacing your payroll headcount with remote teams, but now companies work in partnership with specialized providers to fill in skill gaps to maximize efficiency. Vendors and customers are combining forces with impeccable knowledge transfer to look toward better innovation- that is one of cost drivers.

All these factors add up- to become your ‘Actual Cost’ in the invoices.

In-house or Outsourcing- Where does the Glory Lie?

Whether to hire or outsource is a complex decision for companies in terms of cost effectiveness and project success. For most companies, cost reduction ranks on the top, although it should only be third for “Why do you outsource?” Value and expertise should be the first and second priorities. Ideally, outsourcing helps to leverage optimum benefits from experts and ability to focus keenly on core business activities.

Because as they say- Investing in your business doesn’t cost; in fact, it pays! – It cannot be truer.

Develop a vision to see long-term success while establishing outsourcing relationships. Focus on short-term savings only can prove fatal. Rather, cost of outsourcing is more value-driven than rate-driven when compared to in-house teams. A perfect technology partner by your side not only adds value but becomes a key differentiator for your brand. Add enriched outsourcing value to your business with glory gladiators at Radixweb.

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