Computing has taken on a whole new meaning with businesses gearing towards virtualization. Radix is at the forefront of this revolution offering robust and comprehensive virtualization services.

Radix deploys hypervisor and emulation techniques to offer virtualization. Besides supporting custom hardware for backwards compatibility, we focus our efforts on sever virtualization. Our server virtualization supports your legacy servers and applications and grants you the benefits of scaling in a cost-effective manner. Our virtual machines further allow you to run new hardware and processors that may not be supported by legacy operating systems like Windows NT, 95, 98 and even Windows XP.

Radix further enables support for attached devices on parallel port, serial port and PCI based custom hardware through its virtual box. Our virtualization services offer feasible compatibility to your DOS applications and hardware like dongles that are not supported on traditional ports.

Radix has garnered substantial knowledge and expertise in Oracle’s Virtual Box, QEMU and Linux’s KVM – some of the most prominent open source virtualization solutions.

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