Travel Booking Solution

Radix is a multifarious enterprise that touch-bases with different industry verticals. Having witnessed great potential in the travel and hospitality industry Radix has crafted a solution that caters to the needs of this particular segment.

The Radix solution is essentially designed to gather data via XML source from various suppliers and generate a unified database locally. The solution features a data synchronization module that updates information by collecting new data and replacing the old one. The solution has a public web interface that imparts ease of use and pleasant user experience.

Radix has developed the solution to link its backend with a Destination Management Company (DMC) as well as a network of associated hotels. The solution gathers real-time information and data from this DMC or the associate network and presents it to your front-end customers to enhance the quality of their decision-making.

Recognizing the well-oiled practice of affiliation that drives revenue generation and business growth for the industry, Radix has ensured that the solution is capable of customization to address specific needs of an affiliation and exchange information with other affiliated members of the network. The solution is capable of acting as a data provider as well as a data consumer for the affiliation.

The solution has an integrated commissioning engine and a duplicate comparison module. A real-time weather information portal and capacity to integrate with Google Analytics and Google Maps make this solution a hot deal.

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