Software Project Rescue

Streamline half-baked projects and drive their development lifecycle to reach the end goal

Software Development projects need razor-focussed attention to details for flawless deployment. Radixweb drives successful software project rescue services with its robust development strategies

Get Back on Track with Software Project Rescue Services

Entangle the knots with agile software development project rescue services powered with an adept front-line rescue team to drive Microsoft endorsed,value-induced and cost-effective deployment

Software Development Project Rescue- Bring Life to Software

Legacy Software

Modernize mission-critical systems without any disruptions in your business operations. Witness seamless software migration, integration and customizations.

Messy or Lost Code

Revitalize and reanimate inadequate and broken code with industry best practices like code reviews, refactoring, documentation and maintenance.

Lack of Interoperability

Boost agility, enhance collaboration and solve all your interoperability challenges with experienced and effective API and connector development.

Low Product Quality

Leverage full cycle automation testing services and receive a bug free product through transparent QA processes that assure functionalities and performance.

Inadequate Security

Utilize expert engineering skills and conduct accurate assessments of code, data, network, and architecture audits conducted along OWASP guidelines.

Poor Scalability

Take advantage of targeted expertise in performance engineering and high-load architecture design for robust scalability, to grow your software capabilities.

Common Issues that Wreck Your Project

Software development projects can get stuck mid-way for a number of issues. Starting the project from the scratch means re-aligning resources and is a blow to the overall budget.

We, at Radixweb love completing half-baked tasks. Our front-line software development project rescue teams review the gaps in development and drive the project towards the end-goal, all in alignment to your vision!

Our Software project rescue services create a transparent and expansive structure padlocked with standard security compliances.

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Front-Line Software Rescue
Why Do Software Projects Fail?
  • Not defining scope of project clearly
  • Scope not aligned with vision
  • Lack of communication
  • Unavailability of right tech stack
  • Low quality programming
  • Lack of transparency
  • Poor coding and software quality
  • Flaws in project management and ownership

Your Software Project and Application Rescue Partner

Software Project Assessment

An extensive analysis of the project scope and business needs to drive a cost-effective and consumer-focussed strategy that guarantees smooth deployment of the solution.

Software Project Rescue

Taking over the entire project to dissect scope of budget blow ups, identifying technology-based gaps and the right tech stack; implementing nuances of the strategy.


Setting up guidelines and initial hand holding for post-deployment care; training in-house teams to handle immediate red flags for seamless functioning of the software solution.

Software and Application Development – The Rescue Mission

Envisioning your business requirement into a strategic roadmap


Idealising creative designs and technical requirements


Developing features to support the end goal throughout stages of development

Quality Test

Conducting extensive manual and automated tests for glitches

Deploy and Support

Seamless and automated deployment and

Why Entrust Radixweb with Software Project Rescue?

Radixweb integrates the best of industry practices and aligns its software project rescue services to Microsoft guidelines for designing, deploying, debugging or adopting standard technology compliances cost-effectively.


A 20-year legacy in the field of software consulting has bestowed Radixweb with experience in several ambits.


We believe in building with our clients. We use our expertise to realise your visions and business goals.

Microsoft Gold Partners

Our best-in-class capabilities in Microsoft competencies is reflected by our Gold partnership.


Microsoft certified developers form our core team and adhere to best industry practices.

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