Hybrid Workplace: Radixweb’s Smart Move in the Post-pandemic Era

Radixweb's hybrid workspace enhances business processes

The coronavirus outbreak has disrupted most businesses, which moved them into the new space, hybrid work. Radixweb has remoulded its business framework to enhance productivity, a comfy environment for employees, and deliver unique customer solutions. As a prominent software development company, we expanded our digital existence, investments and redesigned our business strategy to deal with the new normal world after the pandemic.

Radixweb promises innovative solutions and experiences for its clients and believes in timely advancements in the business process. Adapting hybrid workspace is an inevitable move for the company to lead in the industry as a more resilient and healthier organization with capabilities to deliver top notch software development services .

When you have an in-house and remote working staff, it is called a hybrid work environment, where distance or place doesn’t matter to work in a symphony. In simple words, the work model can be seen as the many office-based companies’ rising future anytime from anywhere. These piercing companies can never miss a chance to take an innovative drive on a virtual workplace.

With an experience of more than 20 years in the industry, Radixweb is building up the software solutions and services to allow the enterprises’ move towards hybrid workplace solutions and creating fresh opportunities in niche skills to broaden their talent resource.

Many well-established business processes are in a dilemma over a hybrid work model, where they have concern for employee engagement to sustain office etiquettes and bonds while working remotely. Radixweb has moved into a new place by introducing a few future-proof upgrades that can open the door for employees’ tremendous capabilities and lead the business. We have reinvented our working strategy to encompass obstacles in the traditional working model.

The main concern is about building employee engagement to sustain office bonds due to the lack of face-to-face interactions. As part of the hybrid work implementation drive, we have introduced a few futuristic upgrades that can unlock employees’ immense capabilities to lead the business. They have considered a few ultimate characteristics to execute a new work model in the company.

Advanced Technical Tools

These are an integral part of the process of hybrid work culture that acts as the process’s soul. Employees of the organization tune together with digital connections and sustain communication in a virtual workplace with all the colleagues. Radixweb has successfully consolidated a hybrid work model and an agile mind-set as an integral element to promote innovation and timely value delivery to global clients.

Establishing a Virtual Work Space at Home

The hybrid workplaces have technologically advanced pillars like Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) integrated to boost agility and efficiency. Companies can utilize these technologies to map employees’ performance indexes and track their scheduled tasks. Radixweb has smartly sunk the entire team in a new chat platform with a single window and has connected them seamlessly. Our team has also provided plug-ins in project management tools such as Trello, Proof Hub, or Work front to provide timely updates on the ongoing projects’ status.

Organizing Virtual Meet-Ups to Maintain Team’s Enthusiasm

As a responsible software development company, we have a vital responsibility of developing the employees and the organization through this business hybrid workplace. The model’s most effective part contains organized virtual events, training sessions, workshops, etc., that keep everyone’s energy level maintained and alive in the working space. A smart move makes a big difference!

Premium Collaboration Solutions

The most demanding platforms in the new age work are Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, Confluence, Google Meet, which are the vital components to drive the hybrid work policy. These platforms are used for holding video calls, virtual meetings, sharing documents in the newly enabled workplace. It facilitates a single virtual platform where teams can interact and keep people in the loop with its extensive features.

We have an excellent workforce team at Radixweb that continuously takes efforts for evolving software products and solutions to the next level across distinct domains and various technologies. The CIOs have introduced a streamlined move as a hybrid workplace that enables more flexibility, productivity, and efficiency in the business process to secure business progression and fulfill its determined commitment towards satisfying customers’ expectations.

The newly-evolved hybrid work model leverages your business process by optimizing productivity and teams’ transparency while working remotely. This model also reduces costs for companies since it eliminates in-house infrastructure, whereas employees can save their commuting expenses. Employees enjoy this new move as it gives flexibility in working hours, allowing them to manage their work-life balance effectively.


Moving out of the legacy working system is challenging for every business model; however, it is inevitable to stay afloat and discover optimizing ways for your business in the new normal era. You can monitor your employee performance effectively through a hybrid work model, which can empower team leads to recognize each team member’s core skills. Radixweb has come forward with the hybrid work model since it has realized the necessity of the move after the pandemic. It has integrated to eliminate the physical boundaries while accumulating a more talented workforce and transferring to the more resilient and future-proof team.

About Radixweb

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