Radixweb Has A Brand New Address with New Age Infrastructure

Radixweb's Brand New Headquarters

The evolved tech and social landscape of 2021 is still new to most businesses, but not to Radixweb. A market leader in the field of Custom Software Development and technology Consultation, Radixweb has drawn on the decades of experience that backs the company and has ventured beyond the horizon thanks to the consistent perfection delivered by its teams which worked at full capacity even through the pandemic, delivering customer success in spite of adversity.

As a brand well known for its technical prowess and domain expertise, Radixweb has now unveiled a brand new corporate hub in the lush green suburbs of Ahmedabad. A technological and architectural marvel, Radixweb’s new digs Ekyarth, which means “unified effort” in Sanskrit, is Radixweb’s way of telling the world that the digital transformation services Radixweb offers are directed inwards as well, resulting in a space that ranks at the very pinnacle of technological capabilities, maximum utility, and architectural excellence.

Radixweb has consistently pushed the boundaries of ROI and value for its clients and Ekyarth; Radixweb’s coming of age premises is an ode to the brand’s promise of boosting bottom lines and generating high business value for all its clients.

With a motive of consistent innovation and being on the cutting edge of technology, Radixweb is on the brink of a whole new level of productivity, efficiency, and brand value. Desiring to bring their worth to their workspace and their employees, Ekyarth is a fitting symbol of Radixweb’s solidarity and ability.

Spread across 75000 sq ft, Ekyarth is an expansive structure opulent in stature and minimalistic in design. With six intuitively designed work floors, Ekyarth sports 700 + top-of-the-line workstations powered by the latest in computational prowess and ergonomics. Each station has a dual monitor setup to maximize team efficiency and bolster disruptive innovation strategies. A strikingly robust firewall and world-class hardware aids even the most complex project deliveries. With the combination of Radixweb’s tech expertise with Infrastructure that leaves no gaps in performance, utility, and security, Radixweb has powered Ekyarth with ultra-modern networks, and security systems that translate into 100% uptime and powerful safeguards against data breaches.

Radixweb’s leaders understand the value of their employees, the real heroes of its success story, and designed Ekyarth to be an employee-focused workplace. Expansive parking facilities to a massive cafeteria that can house 200 people and serve up hygienic food, Ekyarth sports a game room, a snooze room, and beautifully crafted working and meeting spaces.

Ekyarth has been built as a physical manifestation of the brand’s agile work style. Luxury is hinted at subtly in its foyers, corridors, common areas, and work floors. From C-Suite cabins to conference and training rooms, Ekyarth’s aesthetic is minimalistic, streamlined, and designed with a zero-waste methodology.

Ekyarth boasts of the following features:

1. 75000 sq. ft. smartly designed space with natural lighting

2. 700+ advanced work stations

3. Hi-tech meeting and conference rooms

4. Thoughtfully designed creative zones for brainstorming

5. Round-the-clock power availability and monitoring systems

6. Scalable network architecture, robust data protection

7. Huge parking, enormous cafeteria, and relaxation zones

8. Safety and green compliant building

Take a virtual tour of Radixweb’s New Office

A brand with worldwide distinction in software outsourcing administrations and IoT Development, Radixweb has a solid customer base across 25 countries and 15 time zones. Radixweb scores high in every client rating. This success comes from the brand’s unwavering zeal in crafting profound, creative, intuitive, and innovative solutions for every client.

Mr. Divyesh Patel, the CEO of Radixweb, uncovers why their new space holds incredible worth: “The principal reason behind planning this structure was to acquire the latest conveniences and tech for our employees. From top-tier work area arrangements to incredibly prepared meeting spaces, Ekyarth is a nerd’s heaven. Expansive floors, world-class tech, and hardware supporting virtual interactions, relaxation zones, even a gym – we have planned and included everything at our new hub that our teams may require.”

100% availability and lucid communications channels were a prerequisite while designing Ekyarth, given the volume of overseas communication in Radixweb’s day-to-day operations. Virtual client meets are bolstered by real-time support and maintenance. Radixweb has powered its meeting and conference rooms with intuitive and high-utility tech tools that facilitate multi-directional communication, be it a face-to-face meeting or a virtual one. With energizing names like ‘Sapphire,’ ‘Thoughtpod,’ ‘RoBox,’ ‘Onyx,’ and so on, Ekyarth is genuinely an infrastructural jewel that comes from a tremendous base of satisfied customers and exuberant, hyper-talented teams.

The COO, Mr. Dharmesh Acharya, states, “We didn’t want Ekyarth to be just another by-the-book office space. From the very beginning, we were certain of what we wanted our hub to signify. We needed Ekyarth to mirror our ethos of excellence, agility, and minimalism. Ekyarth is backed by state-of-art infrastructures and cutting-edge tech abilities that facilitate our zeal for creating phenomenal tech solutions. Our new hub is planned in a manner that not only facilitates client success but directs rewards to our people enabling team building, cohesive collaboration, and mutual respect “.

Mr. Acharya adds, “There are days when the techie life gets hard. Keeping in mind that our employees are consistently putting in their best effort had us thinking that we need to up the ante of our space in terms of teams loosening up and unwinding between projects. We chose to assemble relaxation zones for our employees. Albeit this is a typical idea in the west, most Indian offices are as yet standing by to get up to speed to strike a balance between work and play. While conversing with our teams, we understood that most are fitness and gaming enthusiasts. That is the point at which we chose to acquire a gym with the best apparatuses and a fully loaded game room.” Read more about the vision Mr. Acharya has for Radixweb’s new office.

Today almost every firm commends and adopts green activities. With Ekyarth, Radixweb has taken a step further by creating a completely green-compliant structure. From sun-lit work floors to optimal carbon footprint minimization Radixweb’s technocrats work in a cohesive future-proof green environment.

Radixweb’s move to Ekyarth was long due. Since July 2020, when the firm celebrated twenty years in the IT business, Ekyarth was an office buzzword. However, the debut was pushed forward because of the ramification of the global COVID pandemic. Radixweb functioned throughout the worst waves of the pandemic with a 100% remote workforce. Once the country’s lockdown was lifted, the firm first started at 50% capacity carried out at its neo-modern corporate hub in the upmarket area of Malabar County.

Radixweb’s Ekyarth represents the brand’s high infrastructural ability and the enthusiasm to drive cutting-edge solutions and is the best destination to hire software developers. A mixed blend of minimalism and efficiency, Radixweb’s Ekyarth can easily outclass numerous top-notch offices.

Planning its hub to foster employee happiness and thus premium output, Ekyarth is more than just brick and mortar; It is Radixweb’s statement to the world declaring expert capabilities in crafting and delivering high-value complex tech assets for its global clientele to accomplish all its business objectives.

About Radixweb

Founded in 2000, Radixweb is a trusted partner of choice for crafting custom software development and software outsourcing services for world’s leading organizations. Combining deep domain expertise, unmatched experience and specialized skills, it serves across 25 countries to over 2900+ SMBs to Fortune 500 companies. Achieving trust through outsourcing, Radixweb enables rapid response to changing market and technology needs.

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Pratik Mistry
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