Supplier Management Portal for Printing Industry

Bespoke Supplier Management Solution with Advanced Features Tailored to Meet Printing Industry Need

  • Powerful system with features of detailed outline, activation, reports, news, and Integration with other enterprise systems
  • Advanced features to manage detailed profile, diverse print capabilities, certifications with approval process
  • Highly configurable finance module to view invoices
  • Integration with Hansaworld accounting system to offer discounts on outstanding invoices
  • Extensive suppliers search option based on rating for buyers to explore in more detail


Client Location

South Africa



Business Model

Dedicated Team

Technology Used

  • Microsoft ASP.Net MVC 5
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Angular JS
  • JavaScript / JQuery
  • Web API 2.5
  • Entity Framework 6.1
  • OData Service
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 Database
  • Windows Hosting, IIS 8.0
  • Windows Server 2008/2012
  • SQL Server 2012/2014 Standard Edition
  • Domain Name with real IP registered
  • FTP Server/ Control Panel

What Radixweb Proposed?

Radixweb delivered Custom supplier management portal enabling suppliers and their buyers to have real-time visibility into the daily process. By accommodating their several procedures in one fully-fledged solution and merging other systems by seamless integration in articulating specific organizational practices, Radixweb enabled client to leverage technology to streamline process and enjoy greater flexibility.

The portal provides following functionality.

Supplier Profiling

The portal allows suppliers to be susceptible to keep their profile information up-to-date with all their basic details, certificate details and variety of print capabilities. They will have alerts and notifications in keeping certification active in their routine practice. Verification and approval of supplier specific information will be done by administration after validating in system.

Finance Module

Integration with Hansaworld accounting system by fetching supplier specific unpaid invoices. Evaluating options for discount amount for early payments by logical calculations by considering certain configurable parameters. Ability to submit the request for early payments to accounting system.

Mobile Responsive

Mobile Responsive layout used for creating the system to be mobile responsive thus allowing super flexibility, great user experience, and also higher ranks in google search engine.

Single-Sign-On with Fresh Desk and Sky prep

Allowing new users of portal to loging on FreshDesk - Support ticketing system and SkyPrep – Online Training System with same credentials in all three systems for quick and easy navigation and usability.


Multiple reports generation with statistics for analyzing the overall supplier activities and quick view of data by scheduled automated import of spreadsheets. Forecasting can be done ahead of time and important decisions can be taken to maintain the progress thus saving the business failures.

Configuration Module

Extensive functionalities available for system admin to manage and configure various stipulations for the specifics like news announcements, supplier categories, and supplier capabilities at the back-office in a very easy manner.

supplier management portal context

What Client Achieved?

Owing to the system elasticity, efficiency, and reliability, the solution delivered has proved of yielding a high return of investment and driving competitive advantage to customers of the client.

Radixweb delivered a highly scalable and robust Supplier Management Portal for Printing Industry – which satisfied the client’s overall needs.The implemented solution played crucial role in molding an advanced vision of the company’s point of sale management, which incurred in it many benefits, including

Improved Business ROI

  • Centralizing a complete solution played crucial role in molding an advanced vision of company’s point of sale processes and attracting new suppliers and therefore revenue improvement.
  • Operational cost saving by automating manual processes of supplier management, supplier profiling and account handling management.

Online Presence

  • Through web based solution having 24x7 availability, business demises geographical and time constraints directly increases sales due to global awareness for any company.

Save Businesses Money

  • One of the ultimate benefits of this system is that it saves business money in the long term escalating business efficiency.
  • By keeping track of all the items through statistical reports, staff time is not wasted counting and calculating the overall scenario. Their time can be put to better use and future business decisions can be made on real accurate data.
supplier management portal result
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