Automated Feature-rich Custom Web Forms

Highly interactive web and mobile app for paperless forms – to automate paper-driven forms for increasing productivity at reduced costs

  • Highly configurable module to manage complex operations of data collection, distribution and reporting from web & mobile platforms
  • Off-the-shelf reports generation with analytics and statistic of data
  • In-built logic for approval workflows, target audience segmentation, etc.
  • Data collection and submission in off-line mode to avoid the Internet connectivity barrier at remote locations


Client Location



Multiple Domains

Business Model

Dedicated Development Team

Technology Used

  • .NET 4.0
  • Entity framework 6
  • SQL Server 2008
  • HTML
  • XML
  • CSS
  • Jquery
  • Angular JS
  • Bootstrap 2.3
  • Jquery Flot Chart 1.1
  • Phone Gap for Mobile Application
  • PhoneGap
  • HTML5/JavaScript
  • jQuery Mobile
  • SQL Lite
  • Android 4.0.3

The Solution

Radixweb developed a technology-rich yet intuitive Mobile Forms and Field Data Collection Apps – that enables end-users to automate their paper-driven data-collection forms – using Web and Mobile interface. It also ensures a negligible learning curve for new users.

Based on client business understanding and requirements, we built and integrated this dynamic module into their existing system. Custom Web Forms was designed to leverage the below functionality and versatile business operations to generate reliable results.

Agile Approach

A thoughtful approach to manage diversified expectations with clear guidance to implement the right software development model with firm emphasizes on better quality and advanced solution at reduced costs enabling client to prioritize the development.

SaaS/Cloud based solution

SaaS/Cloud based feature rich, highly reliable and simplified software solutions to meet changing demand, catering fortune 500 customers. Scalable application architecture with capability to design N number of customized web forms and send them across internal and external target audience.

Dedicated Team

Dedicated highly skilled design, development & maintenance team caring extensive level of knowledge to understand the unique requirements and develop & deploy the desired results matching to business needs.

Two way synchronization

Seamless two-way synchronization functionality for off-line data capturing and submission facility to perform form filling activity from the remote locations where Internet connectivity is not available and synchronize the data once the back to the network.

Advanced web & Mobile controls

Cutting-edge Web Controls containing features like Rating, Score, Label, Image, Rich Text, Slider, Recipients, Check-boxes, Radio Buttons, Address, File Upload, Date & Time, and much more. The Dynamic Mobile Controls enabling Signature, Audio Capture, Video & Image Capture via camera, GPS Positioning, Barcode Scanning, etc.

Usability Functions

Multiple web and mobile controls with intuitive drag and drop designing to create need based forms for all business. The multi-level approval process for each separate custom web form was required to approve the respondents' responses. And prior scheduling of forms for automated publishing across the target respondents.

Real-time Data Analysis

Analytical and multiple report creation as per the need of management, managers and executives of an enterprise anytime, anywhere, allowing real time data analysis and quick measures.

System integrations

Seamless system integration with any internal & 3rd party technology like existing website, blogs, online store, CRM etc. allowing streamlined interactions between the systems.

What Client achieved?

Tailored to the end-client

Integration of paperless module streamlines existing highly paper driven business operations of an organization by making the process on-line and providing results in a few seconds.

Due to prior satisfactory and reliable works experience with us, client selected RadixWeb again to become his IT partner to develop this extended solution. This web and mobile app for paperless forms empowered client's business by catering several advantages that include:

Increased Business Productivity

  • With 100% automation of a highly paper driven process of data collection through custom web forms creation
  • 55% time saving by reducing the overhead activities like data collection, data analysis, data history through the implementation of new process

Streamlined Operations

  • 40% of operation cost reduction by saving paper and printing cost, allowing more budget for marketing and other valuable activities
  • off-line data synchronization to collect and submit the data from the remote geographical location allowing streamlined workflow

Better Business Decision

  • Better business decision with Real-time analytical and graphical report generation to display overview of survey
  • High end flexibility to schedule the form publishing dates and time duration as per custom requirement of users
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