Radixweb - 21 Years of Continuous Innovation
Radixweb - 21 Years of Continuous Innovation
Radixweb - 21 Years of Continuous Innovation

Socio Box – Mobile App to Manage Event Data

An interactive and intuitive android app development project handles event data and effectively uploads them on the cloud by data syncing and sharing the content on social media

Socio Box – Mobile App to Manage Event Data
  • Manage your event data such as photos, visitors’ information, and much with the seamless mobile application
  • Supports features for the camera like real-time focus, burst mode, flash mode, brightness/contrast adjustments, and wide variety of filters
  • Upload any file size regardless of data type on the cloud server without any hassle
  • Robust mobile applications with a feature-rich user interface to make the in-app navigation easy and smooth


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Business Model

Fixed Cost

Technology Used

  • Java
  • RxJava

Our Approach

Our team of Andriod app developers got on a call with the client and understood every minor aspect of the project. Being a leading mobile application development company, we knew precisely what client expected from the mobile app.

We designed a wireframe based on the requirement shared by the client. To provide seamless user experience and un-matched results.

Prototype Development

Our mobile app development team designed a non-functional prototype app design. This helped the client understand how the app would look on the mobile screens.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Radixweb has a strong mobile app development portfolio; hence the quality and testing of the applications designed matched the highest standards. Our skilled app developers ensured that the application’s data is protected with rich security and cannot be hacked.

Custom Mobile Application

We created a whole new architecture and database that supports software requirements for developing this app. Features like connecting to nearest Wi-Fi upload data on the go, and much more are integrated.

Data Safety and Cloud integration

To ensure that all the data stored on the clour or app are safe, our team uses a high-end data encryption model. This assured that no third-party app or user could interfere or hack the data. To upload the data on the clouds, we developed a module that easily navigates and enables the user to share the photo or event data on the cloud.

What Client Achieved?

Being an experienced player in the software and mobile application development industry, Radixweb’s team developed a top-notch event management mobile app.

The mobile app solution was shaped as per the client has envisioned. The client was much delighted with the application results that provided features like real-time focus, contrast and light adjustments, burst mode, and flash mode for the camera. Here are some more key points that clients achieved:

Ease of Managing Event Data

Earlier, the client had to keep a manual process of writing down all the event visitors’ information. But by using the mobile app developed, visitors can now themselved scan the QR code with the app itself to upload the data. This eventually saved an immense amount of time and resources for the client.

Enhanced Visitors Experience

Now event visitors can easily upload their selfies or photo clicked during the event to their social media – using the application, this increased user engagement with the event. With more sharing of pictures on social media the popularity of the event hosted also increased.

Easy-to-use UI

We also ensured that the application interface is simple and easy to navigate for the end-users. This allowed the users to quickly click pictures from the app and upload them on the cloud with just one click. Many end-users offered positive feedback to client about mobile applications and their usability.

Improved ROI

The mobile application automated few crucial marketing efforts on which client had to invest. With the application, users themselves share the event pictures on social media and other online platforms, eventually increasing the event’s visibility.

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