Radixweb - 21 Years of Continuous Innovation
Radixweb - 21 Years of Continuous Innovation
Radixweb - 21 Years of Continuous Innovation

Cure on Call - Healthcare App Development

Developed an effective and easy-to-use pediatric healthcare mobile app for parents – to reach out and consult the pediatrician quickly

  • Easy-to-use and straightforward telehealth mobile to get answers from your pediatricians quickly
  • Hassle-free UI to register the patient’s details. For example (Name, Age, Gender, Height, Weight, etc.)
  • Live or real-time consultation with the pediatricians over a video call to better understand the child’s health
  • Get the accurate medication and diagnosis details via the mobile application itself
  • Get access to on-demand information and education on a variety of health topics and medical conditions


Client Location

United States



Business Model

Fixed Cost

Technology Used

  • For Android: Java
  • RxJava. Kotlin for iOS used with Objective C and Swift

Our Approach

Being in the software and mobile app development industry for 20 years, experts of Radixweb quickly understood the business need of the client. Our skilled team of mobile app professionals developed and implemented customized medical/ telehealth mobile modules.

To provide a feature-rich mobile experience to its users, we first designed the app mockups to make clients get a clear look at how the actual app would appear. Once they were satisfied with the app design and flow, we started the health app development process.

Here are some of the key points we ensured while developing the custom mobile application:

Interactive Dashboard

Feature-rich, easy to navigate, and clean dashboard to find the required service quickly. We skillfully gave specific colors and button designs to understand the status or alerts better.


As the app’s sole purpose was to consult a pediatrician via a video call, it was mandatory to provide high-quality video without any blur.

Manage Patients Information

Save and manage contact information, locations, bill pay, portal access, and other pertinent data about the pediatrician’s office.

Smooth Navigation

Ensured that users can easily navigate through within the app. From user registration to scheduling a call, everything’s made simple to the end-users.

What Client Achieved?

Radixweb’s multi-talented team of mobile app developers delivered fully scalable and cross-platform mobile applications with the latest technology embedded. Client was more than happy after experiencing the outputs of the final version of the mobile healthcare app.

Easy Registration

  • Children’s parents can quickly register on the app by filling out the form of required details. This helps pediatricians quickly know the child’s health background.

One-click consultation

  • Once the registration is done, parents can look for the desired pediatrician and select the one suited with just one click to start the diagnosis process.

Native experience

  • Being a renowned cross-platform mobile application development company for Android or iOS – the app’s performance is seamless for both platforms without any glitch or error.
CureOnCall result

What Client Appreciated The Most?

The client wanted the Cureoncall mobile application developed to provide a top-notch user experience, modernized look, easy navigation and app flows, and smooth user onboarding experience.

During our intense design and discovery process, we worked closely with the client to define areas for improvement and suggested mobile best practices to provide patients with an easy-to-use interface that included:

Updated UI

Streamlined navigation

User onboarding

Intuitive user flows

Medical facts and results can be challenging to decipher and comprehend for the average person. As a result, the mobile app’s development focused heavily on user experience, displaying medical information and lab reports in an easy-to-understand format.

Color identifiers were used to help parents visually and intuitively understand what their lab findings meant and show the implications of test results concerning nutritional standards. Thread-line and chart functionality was also added to help parents track and monitor their children’s health over time.

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