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Trackpense – For Your To-Do’s and Goals

User-friendly and efficient goal tracking mobile applications for personal and professional lifestyle development

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  • Allows specific goal setting and helps in steps to achieve it
  • Measures progress with a detailed analytics view
  • Intuitive UI to get the basic information right on the dashboard
  • With Zen mode, it allows notification of only essential apps
  • Aesthetically classy and easy to navigate design for quality user experience
  • Creates daily activity notes, customizes goal settings to accomplish them effectively


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Business Model

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Technology Used

  • For Android: Java
  • RxJava. For iOS Objective C

Radixweb’s Approach For Developing Mobile Application

Our sales representative developed an outline of the mobile application after thoroughly understanding the client’s requirements. Radixweb’s team explained the deliverable-oriented split of the project into smaller components.

After reviewing the outline, the client asked us to go ahead and start working on the goal and to-do tracker application right away. In the meantime, the client came up with a name for the mobile app – Trackpense. Here are few useful features of the application that our developers build:

Expense Tracker

To achieve financial independence, users can set a limit of weekly or monthly expenses category-wise. They also receive an alert if any category’s expense is near the limit.

Dynamic Page

Our team created a dynamic app page for daily updates and news where users can read the latest posts regarding the topic they choose. App admin (client) has the authority to publish the articles.

Interactive Front-end

Within the dashboard itself, users can set goal timelines, prioritize them, customize it, and much more. This made the usability of the application very easy for non-techy individuals.

Focus Mode

This feature help users to focus on their priority task by muting the other ‘entertainment’ purpose mobile app. People can also set a scheduled time to start the focus mode automatically.

Auto-sync Data

For daily activities and tasks, the data is stored on a mobile device. Users also get the option to create a backup of those data on clouds. They can even opt to receive emails about their activity.

3D Illustrations

To have a good visual impact on the users, we used 3D illustrations. This gave Trackpense an appealing look; our team utilized creative illustrations that are well-defined 3D graphics.

Achievements With Our Solution

We identified key priorities and designed a mobile experience that collaborates with both user expectations and business objectives. Radixweb’s team brought their expertise with iOS and android app development, design, user research, and strategy to the table, and it was a match made in heaven in the end.

Cross-Platform Application

  • Choosing the technology and framework that’s suited for both OS was crucial. Our developers are fully versed in developing mobile applications that are compatible with both Android and iOS. The app performed stupendously on both platforms and received positive responses.

Better Visibility and ROI

  • As the application download increased overtime, the client could monetize some premium features within the app. This helped them to optimize Trackpense further for better usability. Client was also able to understand which feature is used the most by checking the back-end analytics.

Contented App Users

  • The mobile application has simple to use UI, which enabled end-users operate it quite easily. Many of the users even referred Trackpense to their friends and colleagues. One of the best features of our developed solution is that the app users can interact with each other and have a long conversation about it.
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