Measure 3D Rotation with Gyroscope

Image for 3D Rotation

The client is a well-known hip and knee replacement and arthroscopy surgeon based out of Australia. The client prefers to use the most effective surgical techniques and technologies available to orthopaedic surgeons and works to find best suited technology that can be used in surgeries. The main focus here is to not only make the surgery successful but also consider its long term effect in future. It is indeed necessary for every technology used in it should be developed with ~0% failure rate.

The client approached Radix for one of his project that needs to calculate 3D angle in iPhone using gyroscope sensor, to use it in orthopaedic surgery.

The Problem

The client had theoretical description of the mathematical calculations for “Acetabular Ante version and Inclination” 3D angle for both Radiographic and Anatomical definitions. However, these theories cannot be put to use in providing real life scenario calculations, when we have specific kind of inputs available.

In surgery, the iPhone will be attached and detached with the pelvic as and when required, and based on the 3D rotations (Roll, Tilt and Yaw) of the iPhone, the client wanted to find out the Ante version and Inclination angles of the phone with respect to any lateral and supine position of the patients.

For such calculations, very proficient skillset and amalgamation of both mathematical and cutting edge technology is required. And, this is where Radix made a difference and came up with the solution.

The Outcome

Radix provided a mathematical calculation and application implementation of it in iOS devices that can be used successfully for orthopedic surgeries. It will result in better success rate of the surgery and reduced future problems for the patients.

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