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A feature-rich mobile health application that teaches methods to enhance overall well-being and optimize your work performance

  • Seamless mobile application with easy-to-use navigations to guide its user from one step to other
  • Registration of users is quick, and a full-time support executive is also provided for any query
  • The feedback form is automatically generated once the users finish all the sessions
  • Enables the recipients and the teacher to have flawless communications with advanced bandwidth.
  • View recorded or live training sessions as per the availability of the user. Also, send notifications about upcoming webinars or programs


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Business Model

Fixed Cost

Technology Used

  • For Android: Java | RxJava
  • For iOS: Objective C

What We Did?

We created a technical specification to organize the development process and present a thorough estimate to our client.

In addition, we offered a business analyst as part of our full-cycle development services, who, during an interview, understood the exact features of the mobile app and business expectations. Wireframes were created to demonstrate how the user experience would be.

Define User Personas

After conducting interviews, user personas and empathy maps were created. Doing these activities, we had a better understanding of the mobile app users’ pain spots and their goals and how our app should give a solution for these.


Receive instant notifications for any essential reminders, events, gym schedules, stock updates, and much more. Client can even customize notifications (i.e. can schedule the timing of the notification as per need).


Reminders are always at the top of the list. Users can also receive push notifications to remind them of key events. Once the user has watched a video session, a reminder of the next part is sent as a reminder.

Daily Insights

The user can get a fast overview of each crucial vital and activity on the landing screen. Users can even create a note list of their essential points in the video session by teachers.

Clients Achievement

Because of the smooth and easy-to-use UI, the application gained popularity and many downloads. Our support team is still assisting the client in optimizing the user experience for the continued success of the application.

Improved User Experience

  • Because of our robust mobile app development portfolio, our team got a firm grip of requirements shared by the client. This helped to design the work mindful app more efficiently. Apparently, once the app was live on app store – we tracked and understood how user interacted with the app. And accordingly further optimized the application, eventually resulting in more downloads.

Better ROI

  • Users got indulged with the app and loved the presentation of video sessions by professionals. We even created a referral feature that evoked users to share the app with their friends or colleagues. This increased the app download, and eventually, client started advertising their comprehensive physical copy by the training experts.

Cost-effective Solution

  • As Radixweb is an experienced mobile application development company – our team knew precisely what technology would suit the project. Hence we didn’t spend time researching and trying out new tools or technology. This saves many man-hours, and ultimately resulting in less spending on the overall mobile app development project.
Cost-effective Solution
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